Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


Well, I thought it was wonderful and I’m glad you were able to get it sold. It helped me to stretch my insight a bit more :smiley:


I just noticed that new names in the marketplace have a little note on them that SH is working on the logo. That’s sweet, thanks for doing that SH! I don’t know how long that message has been around but I just noticed it and appreciate it.


I LOVE the new search feature on our personal portfolios. Easier to navigate, and also I think it will help me fill out my listings, since I can see which categories I need to build up. Other than the Marketplace dashboard, this is my favorite update in a long while.


Agree, it’s absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Squadhelp!


Props and thanks for adding the option to remove submissions before they’re reviewed!


Does it work? Very often I deleted the unseen entries, and then restored them from the recycle bin and made sure that they were already viewed.


Where do you see that?


marketplace listings, pending review I think


Not sure if this is what he means but, you can remove/withdraw contest entries and then restore them back into a contest. Not sure about the marketplace.


In continuation of the topic. Sometimes I do not want the CH to see my entries, if the contest is not guaranteed and I see reports on domain registration. I would be grateful if the CH will be deprived of seeing entries from the basket. Now entries we have deleted are available to him.


I was referring to submissions in the marketplace that now have a ‘remove’ option. It’s helpful if you make a typo while submitting or just decide to submit something else instead.


I believe they have the option to download the entries, like we do. But I’m not 100% sure


If this is true, then it would be fairer if the entries we deleted were not included in this download list, if the CH himself unliked them


True, but they can download their list before they even rate entries, but you can check this with Admin throught the blue chat bubble


And if they want download later? … I would like our entries to become unavailable for CH after the winners are announced.


Oh! I didn’t know that! Thanks!


I’ll be honest with you, Edukar… it won’t make a difference. Once the idea is there, it is there. They can’t “un-see” them… and trust me when I say they remember them with or without withdrawal or download. I can’t elaborate on that because we aren’t allowed to talk about certain things but just follow the idea through. The best thing I can tell you is protect your IP.


Commulinks, Thank You very much!


Once a name is withdrawn from a contest by a Creative, it is no longer available to the CH through the platform. Also, shortly after a winner is select, entries will not continue to be shown to the CH.


Thank you, I am very pleased to hear that this is the case!