Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


Thanks, @annoloc! The congrats are much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I miss seeing so many winning names from @lightless. Certainly one of the best creatives out there, imo, so I hope she will get back to participating more. Also miss seeing posts from @rareworthy, the forum is a much more boring place without her.


I agree, Daisy. . lightless is an amazing namer. She came up with such a creative name for a K-12 learning academy that blew my socks off. IvyLadder, Ingenius. I’ll never forget it. And our rareworthy has been MIA for some time. She is a rare gem.


HUGE Congratz to ViveGoodKarma for winning that $1,200 Disruptive Data project!!! :tada: - :sunglasses: - :moneybag:


Thank you that was my first big win!!! It could not have come at a better time I just found out I am going to be a grandma . My daughter escaped an abusivre relationship in the past month so this will be a huge help on her new journey for her and her child!!!


@Vivegoodkarma Congrats on your big win and being a grandma! Christmas came early!


Picazzo…Brilliant! @Vivegoodkarma!


Thank you !!!SOOOO MUCH… I am so excited to be able to help my daughter out of her situation!!! and get her heart and head back to good and focus on her future!!!


God Bless You, daughter and the little one. Congrats and my best wishes for your family


@ALDaisy1 @LauraE

I’m still around, actually just came back. Been having a few computer problems and such, but nothing to worry about. I’ve missed you all so much and hope everyone is doing well. I definitely appreciate all the care and concern, you guys really are the gems, not me! <3


Kudos to Name Blaze for Blue Culture Denim - Really cool name! :sunglasses:


I just want to give a HUGE shout out to the Squadhelp Marketplace Logonistas! OMG, I am LOVING the logos on my names!!! You guys, check out BohoAndVogue. That is one of my new ones and I just adore that logo!!! Thank you Logonistas!!! The logos really help to sell the names.


Sometimes you have to say something when someone puts you down. I cannot believe some people would disparage and belittle my creative name on social media. My friend said that she calls those people BASEMENT people, they are people who try and drag you down to the lowest; instead of being BALCONY people who try and lift you up and be encouragers!


Props to @AlwriteyThen “Face It & Ace It”, very clever and catchy!!!


Thanks, Sweetie! :kissing_heart:


Kudos to OMG-OMG for: Pruner & Potts (The Landscaping & Nursery name) - Lurve it!!! :sunglasses:


Kudos to @LisaMac for “Aisle Plan It” (wedding planning business). Very clever!


Thanks @annoloc. Was a surprise win for me


Just wanted to say Wow and Congratulations to the creative who penned the now sold ‘RedLippy’ domain in the marketplace. It’s so catchy! I love it!


Thanks @LauraE That was one of mine. This was a purchased domain (not a hand registered domain) and I had my concerns about it because it’s quite a well known phrase in the UK but not really heard of in the US. Luckily it paid off.