Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


Thanks Clinks and Soni…I truly appreciate your well wishes. I am still struggling…but trying to come back here slowly. It’s nice to know people care. Thanks so much.


Yay! Holly is back!!! (Is there a song for that? Should we have a naming contest for that?) Hey la hey la, Holly’s back!


Hurray!!! Welcome back @hollygirl :slight_smile: So very nice to have you back! I know it’s hard girl, but hang in there. It’ll get better in time…@Commulinks we have songs for that, but you’ll need your grass skirt lol!


Kudos to @MostCreative for the tagline “The Present Remembered in the Future”. Love it!


Thank you! I appreciate the compliment!


I won with “Mine Your Own Business”! Thanks for the compliment!


This was said before, but we should all remember it - SH has the best support there is. Hats off for those guys, always professional no matter how upset or frustrated we get. I don’t know what you are paying them @Darpan but they deserve a raise :slight_smile:


We’ll Give it To You Straight by Tristine for LGBT Mag was brilliant, glad you stuck around Trist, you’re too clever to leave.


Thank you! That was one of my favorite submissions! You’re too kind :slight_smile:


Props to @alampeo for his “Book & Balances” LOGO - clean, simple, and sophisticated. Good job!


Thank you so much for the compliment!


Kudos to all my top-echelon competitors!


I just went through my marketplace names and noticed several new lifestyle images have been added. Thank you SH for the added exposure. :slight_smile:


I normally don’t like numbers in names but Fit2Flaunt was perfect for that business! Kudos to @LuckyDuck!


Thanks Laura! I appreciate that !


Kudos out to @Hawkeye for “InStock” and to @AlwriteyThen for “ShockBlok”

both names were so perfect for the contests they were in


@jackieheraty… Thanks for that.


I love, absolutely love ShockBlok! Congratulations @AlwriteyThen

(And you too Hawkeye!)


Aww, Thanks Ladies, and I agree Hawkeye’s name was “perfect” too. :sunglasses:


Congrats to @CoyEyesBlueSighs for Entrepreneur clothing brand name “CEOwned”. Very Creative!