Props/ Got something nice to say? (Cont'd)


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Mine Your Own Business & Gateway To Getaway…not sure who came up with them, but major props to you both.



@grant does an absolutely amazing job here in the forums. At times, it get get quite heated and Grant ALWAYS maintains a professional yet caring and here-to-help attitude. He is truly one of the best assets that SH has!

He needs a pay rise! <-- seriously.


@LisaMac, I just loved SidewalkCitizen!!! Congrats!!!


The Tickled Panda by Vegangrl made me laugh, today. Very nice and funny. Congrats!


Thanks clinks! Born and raised in NYC, we always called ourselves “Sidewalk Citizens” because we basically walk everywhere lol
I wasn’t even going to enter it, but something kept nagging at me. I was shocked it won, I ain’t gonna lie lol


I love when that happens!!! Good for you!!! That makes the win even better!


Thank you so much @miyvex58 it means alot to me!!
Very sweet!


Your Very Welcome! I’m still laughing :laughing:


I love Sidewalk Citizen too! How ingenius! And TickledPanda was perfect for that contest! Well done ladies


Thanks @LauraE. I loved ticked panda too!!! Would love to see a logo for that one!!!


Thanks @LauraE :blush:


Thank you so much @LisaMac :blush:


I am posting here with the hopes that @hollygirl will receive an email notification that she has been mentioned. Holly, I miss you around here and I hope you come back.


@Commulinks. Sweet of you. I did see @hollygirl in a contest recently. Sent her a private message, that we do miss her and were praying for her. Not sure she got it cos I never heard back from her or saw her on here again. I really hope she’s taking it a bit easier. Time really does heal. I know. I’ve been there.


The message system doesn’t work right. When people try to respond, they can’t.


I am so sorry to hear that, Soni… because “being THERE” is a club NOBODY wants to be in. <3


Thank you so much @Commulinks . Being in " That club " is absolutely devastating, and I do so worry about Holly…


@grant @Darpan The person in charge of marketing needs a huge pat on the back. Loads of SH adverts on Google ads. Fantastic move. Congratulations!!!


Bunch of heavy hitters and hot newcomers on trending board…it’d be a honor and a challenge to win over any one of you.