Proposal to integrate Logo Shop


@grant One idea has appeared for a long time, maybe the team will consider it and implement it.

Can try to integrate the Logo Shop page, where the designer can upload their own high-quality logos for sale without a brief and without making changes, their own freedom of ideas and decisions, set their price, like each logo, add a discount for a specified period, add a filter by industry and keywords, add a button - make an offer, add analytics and add hashtags (when the designer upload the store logo, he added the keywords that are drawn in logo and the system will add them to the desired category or can choose the industry), how many times visited the page in general and each logo (something similar to domains, only with logos). In my opinion, this will be useful for potential buyers who, for example, spend a lot of time in competitions, imagine a situation where a buyer among design stores found exactly the logo he dreamed of, and he can immediately buy it without creating a contest, or buyers will be able to buy a logo for their domain (if suddenly they do not want to wait for the logo to be created by the designer in the usual way, as is currently the case). For example, if a customer likes a logo and wants it for their own domain, but needs to add a name to that logo, for example, it can be done for a minimal fee (or for free). I think this idea can be developed and made profitable for all buyers and designers and of course the Squadhelp team. I am adding a quick picture, this is an example for implementation, of course, you need to think about it carefully. It’s just an idea, just decided to share, suddenly it will really be worth noting:)