Proposal for a poll how to improve site

of all past contest holders that abandoned, perhaps going back some time, and recent ones could have options like personal reasons, too many entries, process, mistrust of site, and any others you can think of. We can add a note of what happens on our the creatives end when a contest is abandoned, ie very small payouts, anxiously awaiting etc. And perhaps, after going forward after analysis, we can adjust. We can also let ch know from get go about creatives side to help them understand, though they might pay the prize anyway, that abandoned contests lead to lower quality submissions due to time vs money issues. Id almost like to see, added to the launch of a contest, a catch all Dear Contest Holder, Love and Best Wishes, from the creatives. This would help them understand from the outset that we are people earning income, and real professionals, and give us a voice and a human side. We can even say we come from all walk from industry marketing pros to businessmen and women, to the voice of consumers. In most cases they are paying literal pennies or less per submission, but creatives need more than literal pennies for hours on their contests, which is what they get with a split that has too many shortlists or loves on an abandoned contest. Splits are fine and welcome as long as they are tightened before abandoning. This letter should be, if course, positive in tone while making our point. These are entrepreneurs and hard working people themselves who understand the value of time. I’ve seen ch drop after one day of submissions, I think they should get a separate poll asking them about issues that they may not have understood to regain possible business.