Promoting Squadhelp

Hi, Dan: I received the message about promoting SH on Twitter, FB, etc., and proceeded to do just that. I had to remove the FB post for this reason: Anyone who comes to the SH Facebook page could see my real name, my friends’ names who commented, etc. because the post also shows up there. I like the idea (I even included it back in August), but I’d prefer a little more anonymity. Is there any way we could reap the rewards of promotion without our personal lives being on display…thanks (I left it up on Twitter.)

@auntshommy, if you post something in FB, what others see is controlled by your own FB privacy settings. SH has no control over those settings. For example, if you keep your privacy settings limited to your friends, only they will see what you are posting, along with your real name. You could also further tighten the privacy settings, and make your posts visible only to a subset of people from your friends list.

You can read more about adjusting your settings here:

Dan: My privacy settings are limited to my FB friends. Even so, I found that when you repost SH’s post, it shows up on the FB page with your name & all the comments.

@auntshommy, we do not have the ability to override the FB privacy settings. The “share on FB” button actually uses a Facebook managed popup. I am including a screenshot on how to make sure the privacy settings are set correctly, for any content you share on FB. Next to the Share button, you will see a drop down that controls who will see this post (I have circled it in red). You can change this drop down setting to your own Friends, or a Custom list of people.

We have checked it again, and it is working as per the privacy settings chosen in this FB popup.


OK, next time I’ll try to customize it a little more, & thanks. In the meantime, it’s still on Twitter…

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Any rewards on 1000 Visits and no Signups? LOL but :cry:

HolyMoley J, 1000 visitors that’s fantastic! I thought I was doing well with 16 lol ))) I would have figured like a direct mailer program you should average 1 in 100 visitors would launch a contest Guess i’m wrong

And I was sitting here thinking that “frequent” winners like you would have at least 10 referred signups by now… :open_mouth:

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I’m not a twit(terer) facebooker or any social media guy, so I just sent the link to my B.F. and my sister and had them post it ))))))

I use facebook for talking with friends, don’t really use twitter. But if you promise me money for referrals to a page I know that works and pays, I’ll do my best. I need the money.

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Good luck J, maybe ask your friends to share on their pages for you as well !

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Amen to that! Not on social media either!
Doh, you just gave away that your blonde wig and duck lips are a fake haha:)))

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yes and I look more like wally from leave it to beaver ( someone else said Marky mark LOL, but ill take it. Maybe if marky mark and wally had a baby))))))

@JCaceres - although there are no rewards for only visits, we remember their info for 30 days. So if anyone launches a contest within 30 days, you will receive the referral award.

Thanks to everyone for your efforts in promoting Squadhelp.


“Their info” being IP address?

We store a cookie for 30 days. So if they launch a contest within 30 days, we can identify the person who referred them.

That means if someone thinks my link is fishy and opens it in Incognito Mode, I’m out of luck? Hahahaha… I hope people allow cookies on their browsers… Crossing fingers!