Profile on site is not saving my information

Multiple times now since I joined a couple weeks ago I have entered in my BIO, Interests and the Why am I on Squadhelp question, I’ll click the SAVE button, it will say my changes have been successfully changed (in the greend box), but none of the information is showing in the text fields, or on my actual profile.

Is this an internet browser error on my end? (I’m using google chrome), or is this a known bug?


I’ve had the same problem trying to change my picture. I think it’s something on their end.

It took me a couple attempts to update my profile image, the first time the image was not large enough to set up the thumbnail (the image that worked was 900 pixels x 900 pixels), where as my first attempt it was under 200 pixels (i use the same image for a couple different sites and I have it at different sizes for different purposes)

maybe look at the size of the image you are trying to use?

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I just had a different issue and was using Google Chrome too. They advised me to clear my cache and try again and that did the trick. You might want to give it a whirl too.