Problem: Contest holders are unable to send attachments to designers

So in the past I’ve been the one submitting domain names to contests and this time I needed a logo for this other venture of mine.

I was quick to notice the lack of attachment features available on the contest holder’s side, despite paying hundreds of dollars to launch a contest and expecting to have at least the same amount of features as those available for premium domain logo designs.

As a domainer, when you get a logo approved on SH, you can chat with the designer which includes sending links to help guide the designer towards the right type of design. See screenshot below for context:

However, no such option exists in contests. The only other resort the contest holder has is sending a private message with attachment option, as shown below:

To make matters worse, the feature shown above has a glitch as the designer mentioned that he failed to receive attachments from me through that channel.

As a result, the designer and I are unable to communicate effectively as the designer can’t fully understand what I am looking for, without getting something visual. So why not offer equal or improved features for contest holders?

Cc @grant

As a workaround, you can upload your file (image) to somewhere, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and insert the link to the uploaded file in the textarea. But make sure that the uploaded file is publicly viewable.

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Thanks. I think SH is worried about people sending infected files. As a result, when you send a message with a file, a software supposedly scans the message before sending it, only for the file to vanish in thin air.