Private Section for Marketplace Sellers

That’s it! We will still be paying for related services! It makes it profitable for the team to sell ALL listed domains, not just premium.

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I am hoping SH recognizes that we should not have to pay for this. I am not ready to jump on any other “pay for this now” bandwagon.

Many names that are being approved for the marketplace now are not even equal to names that were rejected 1, 2, 3 years ago when we literally couldn’t even submit .io .co .ly names.

I would like SH to have a moratorium on any further fees.

@grant please respond. Please allow us to re-sub basic and basic plus names to go through the new approval process FOR FREE!


You are absolutely right! Many names that were once rejected and not registered by me now belong to other people and work. This means that these domains had high potential. But I am willing to pay money so that all my domains are visible on the SH market. Now this is not. Even the use of coins does not guarantee that the domain will be approved. Dominer risks twice - when he registers a domain and when he submits it as a premium. I believe there is a solution. If a domainer has reached the gold and silver levels, all their personal domains must be immediately approved as premium domains


I have never used nor even cared to checkout the SH Expert Classification feature until yesterday. Now here is the thing, I really would like to know why there are various tiers of outright payment of $1 and $2 processed from either one’s card or via PayPal, or via an after payment once the domain name is sold and it here along with both the $1 and $2 that I have an issue with, the after payment tiers include $25, $35, and $50 to be deducted from one’s final earnings. Exactly why are there these tiers of payments @grant… and also, to improve the trust level of SH coins why can’t payments such as the $1 and $2 for the Expert Classification be billed in SH coins than having to extract that from our physical cash?

I can’t speak for why there are so many different options, but I imagine the reason for at least one upfront payment option is because some classifiers would prefer a guaranteed $1 over the chance of maybe earning something later. Lots of names in the marketplace will never sell, so a classifier could spend hours on descriptions and never earn anything. Same with the coins suggestion, if they are paid in cash they can always buy coins, but the reverse wouldn’t be true.


Well that is another edge to it

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I have a suggestion regarding lifestyle images. Would it be possible to check a seller’s portfolio prior to uploading a new lifestyle image to ensure they have not already been assigned an identical image for another of their names? I know there will always be images duplicated in the marketplace, but within one seller’s portfolio, I think each image should be unique. It makes marketing your names more difficult when the same images are used repeatedly. I feel this would be a simple added step for SH to take to improve the seller experience,especially since we are required to buy these images using SH coins.


SH could give a unique code to each pic so it doesn’t get duplicated. By the way offers free images of premium quality… (plz check out to compare). i think 4 coins is too expansive for pics. We already invest so much in the submition reviews (accepted and rejected) and in buying names. SH is great, but there are a few things that can be improved and make SH even greater. SH could sign a partnership with pixabay. Imagine how the site will look if many more names have lifestyle images.
All the best


Couldn’t agree more @New_Day_Brand

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I had never come across Pixabay before, but there are some truly amazing photos on that site. I can totally see some of those being used as Lifestyle images.


They are free. If there is a face in it it’s suitable to ask permission from owner. Otherwise it’s free and commercial use ok

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Re: Benefit Tiers for Marketplace. I have 50+ listed domains so Silver level. I sure could use some of that coin (50 Bonus Coins). How long til that happens?

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I already spent mine :smiley:


lol…yes that’s easy to do! :grinning: I suppose mine won’t last long.

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It seems the thread has turned into everything else except for… “Private Section for Marketplace Sellers”.

I can change my seller/coin preferences (“good standing”), & got more than 100 names. Been logging in logging out, in and out, still not “marketplace authorized”. So what’s the secret criteria? Or am I being secretly encouraged to violate wholesale rules?

EDIT 20 MAY: Blue-buttoned. Issue solved for now.

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Can you see the Maketplace Sellers section? Can you post to it? If so, you’re authorized and what you’re really asking is how to get the tag that everyone that has posted has. If that is the case, it’s in your forum profile settings. You just select the tag you want to use.


If I could post there, or see the Marketplace section, chances are I would’ve existed there, and my previous post wouldn’t have existed in the first place. So no, and that’s why I’m still stuck here in the lower levels.

And while I don’t care about tags on my username, I sure don’t see any way to add any such tags, or at least there’s nothing that looked like the appropriate button/area for it. The worst forum system I’ve ever dealt with.

The categories I see at

Feedback & Suggestions
Community Questions & Support
Site Bugs & Issues
Naming Tips & Resources
(Lock icon) Senior Members Lounge
Business Topics
Events & Meetups
Off Topic

That’s it. Nothing else. If it’s a sub-category hiding in one of these categories then do let me know.

EDIT 20 MAY: Blue-buttoned. Issue solved for now.

Sorry, I can’t help, but why don’t you Blue Button Squadhelp for quicker assistance? I’m sure they could help you better than we could.


Hello @grant, i hope theres easy way to make bulk deal with other seller, ie when we make bulk deal for 10 domains for $150, then we just send $150 directly to sh paypal, and sh will transfer those listing to the buyer. Instead of going one by one on wholesale marketplace. I missed deal because of this, seller and buyer may. have different timezone, so when seller changed price, i didnt notice, somebody else already snap it.


Bleh i missed another deals, i already quick, but somebody else quicker duh.

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