Private Messages?

Why are we still able to send private messages to the CH? My understanding is that this was to be removed? I noticed it has been removed from our public profile but we are still able to send them.

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My understanding was that the count total would be removed from our profiles because all it seems to do is cause issues. I’d rather not have them remove the ability to message. I don’t want it to remain because I want to be able to private message CHs – because I don’t think I’ve done that but maybe 3 times in the years I have been here – rather I do like the ability to message other creatives – especially since we aren’t allowed to share contact information with each other and a lot of us – despite the competitive aspect of the site, have become great friends and even in some cases extended family. There’s not many ways to communicate with each other and conversations that don’t have anything to do with SH or anything on the platform should be able to be had between creatives where they don’t have to be publicly viewable. I wish we were able to become friends or carry our friendships offsite but I can understand the concern that it’s possible that some people would take advantage of this. Then again … any allowance that is given is going to carry a potential to be taken advantage of. But, I’m sure several people don’t care about messaging CHs, there’s two other ways in which to reach out to them and there are rare and few other cases where a PM would need to be utilized. But PMs should still be maintained if not for any other reason than allowing us to talk to each other – after the much difficult process of having to go through contests to find someone just to find their profile to be able to send them a message (which is a difficult process and not always effective if the person is very choosy on contests or not very active – something I think should actually be fixed since I’ve had a few times where people have been trying to reach out to me and I know others have had it to – why can’t we have an easier process or way to talk to each other??). Either way – count is gone – which is an iffy thing to me but I’ll keep faith in SH that if people will take advantage of the ability to continue to message CHs that they will have a way to find out about it and handle it and hopefully we’ll always at least be able to talk to each other when we can or when we want to and maybe even make it easier to do so as long as we adhere to the NDA’s we have agreed to – because honestly our bonds help keep far too many of us going.


Hi @rareworthy I was only referring to the private messages to CH …I think it is so nice you are messaging other creatives :slight_smile:


I think in order to be able to message at all that it has to be user wide. So if SH were to remove the ability to message CH’s they would probably have to remove the ability for any messages. I could be wrong on this, though, but it would make sense. So if it is the case, I rather risk the ability of people messaging the CH for whatever reason than lose all the functionality together. Because SH has said they do monitor this from time to time and eventually if the system is being taken advantage of, it will be discovered, so I’ll stay with my faith in SH to find this when/if it does happen at all and hope that we’ll still be able to message each other – when we can find each other.

But as I said, I think they meant that they were just removing the ability for anyone to see how many PMs are being sent to CHs and not the ability to message CHs. The ability to message them from the contest has been removed to make it harder, however, but it’s still able to be done if you know how to do it.

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