Private Messages to CH

We had originally built the private comment feature to allow contestants to send messages to CH when they want to discuss something which is truly private (such as discussion about specific entries). However, we are finding that some contestants are not using this feature fairly.

If anyone is using this feature to get an unfair advantage by asking questions that could have benefited others as well, it is not cool. While we do not have a policy on what is allowed in private comments, everyone should use their best judgement before posting a private comment. You should ONLY post private comments if your question or comment includes a topic that must remain private to protect your entries.

In order to encourage a level playing field, we have added a new section in everyone’s public profile page. This will show how many private messages that contestant has sent to CHs during the last 6 months. You can see that information under the Key Stats (Last 6 Months section).

Hopefully this would ensure that the feature is used only for purpose that it was originally intended for. If we continue to see a misuse, we will remove the private comment feature.


@Dan, Can’t you just disable it for those that misuse it instead of doing away with it? Comes in handy for the CH when they ask you a specific question on a entry. But after looking at some of the numbers I can see why some abandon their contest. Must get overwhelming.


Another good add on Thanks again Dan and Admin,


I see I sent quite a few, but I do believe most of mine are legit submission questions @Dan (off hand does this the number include comments made on actual submissions, which I do alot) not just private comments under comment section,

From what I can tell by mine, it does NOT include the entry comments on submissions because I utilize that a lot too and my stats say 6 private comments over the last 6 mths…

Wondering if these are PM’s that WE initiated or does it include responses to CH initiated PM’s?


Ooh boy(((( … slinking away, Didn’t think I PM that much, outrageous, I have to go back and look as to the content of them, I know I have asked some questions that could have been public, but most I believe are either entry related, or general chatter. Something I will definitely re-examine about myself and conduct/misuse of a feature here.

Love the transparency…the positive side is you can see who are always winning without pm’ing! :smile:

Definitely surprised by your amount of PM’s Seezall, lol :wink:

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Yes but compared to some (nearing 300) it’s not so bad, those high numbers sure make you wonder.

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Holy cow you guys… haha maybe I should be messaging them MORE! :wink: (Kidding…)

I’m going back through all pending and open now I have 5 pms on the contest themselves, all of which are not fishing for info, one was removed but I think I was seeking clarification on my entry which got a sad face but had words that he liked, so I was trying to figure out the difference (not sure though, seeing if admin can tell me what it was), so now I have to look at my inbox and sent mail, kinda fun investigating myself)))) I let you all I know what I find!

Where do you find this section,please? I know I have messaged CH sometimes on my own…especially when I was first naming and I didn’t understand all the ins and outs yet.But many times the CH will private message me,and I will message back to answer their questions or if they want me to tweak my names.

You can see that information under the Key Stats (Last 6 Months section).

I guess I am stupid…but where is the key stats section? Thanks

Why did the word stoopid get x’ed out?

Just click on your name. Will be listed right under country. It’s where entries submitted, etc. is.

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“Why did the word stoopid get x’ed out?”

Because you aren’t stoopid :slight_smile:

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Is this kinda a “Scarlet Letter” kinda thing? I guess I’m one of those people who never approved of teachers disciplining kids in front of others. All I can see is it causing embarrassment to other namers. I do not see the positive side of this action. It’s just going to cause more pointing of fingers :point_right:
Just my thoughts. :v:


Why not just use the entry comment if you want to ask about a specific entry? Why have the 2 private options?


I was thinking the same thing…thank you for saying it.I think certain things should be private, and if we are messaging too much,it should be privately addressed. We shouldn’t be “shamed” or have judgments made by other creatives.No one except ourselves (and SH I guess, as they can read them if they want) knows what our motivation was to message the CH. And since as it was brought out by Dan that there is no policy on it…then why are we being exposed? I don’t like this at all.

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