Private messages from CH

Again, looking at my private messages from 4 yrs ago. I had received at different times messages from a CH , asking if I would join in on naming his business. Once we pm back and forth practical all night.Of course I see how this is unfair. I understand​ why we have the rules we do. Do CH ever ask for a certain creative to help because they were helped by same creative before?

[quote=“BLUE, post:1, topic:2084”]
Do CH’s ever ask for a certain Creative to help because they were helped by same Creative before?[/quote]

Hmmmm, now that’s a good question, Blue - Inquiring minds wanna know. :thumbsup:

I know I have been asked to participate in a few contests by CHs who messaged e privately and I am assuming others have by the same CHs. In the end, it has never yielded any positive results and a few times it has been so uncomfortable for me that I have not responded.

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