Private Comment from CH

I received a private comment from a CH on a new contest that I had not entered. I knew about the comment through email notification, but I cannot locate the comment anywhere on the SH site. It was weird and I am not sure if it was meant for me or not. Where should I find these comments?Could not find it on contest comment page or in my inbox.


Looks like the CH had sent a message to few contestants inviting them to join their contest. The communication feature is designed for communication between current contestants and the CH. However, in this case, since the message was sent to users who had not yet joined the contest, the message does not show on that contest page. We will fix this issue. However, just for reference the comment was for this contest:

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I received that comment, as well. My guess is that the CH looked at recent winners and sent messages accordingly. I already had a number of entries in that contest (that weren’t doing well!) when I got the private comment from that CH.

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