Pricing Updates - SH Registered Listings and Future Approvals

From time to time we conduct pricing reviews on SH registered domains. We have completed a major review as of this week, and you may notice a price increase on several of your names that were registered by SH. This increase is in line with what we believe to be the current value and market demand for these names.

Here are some other points that will go in effect immediately:

  1. All SH registered listings have been repriced to a minimum pricing level of $2199 or above.
  2. Going forward, the Minimum approved price for any new SH registered domains will be $2199.
  3. We will also follow a revised pricing strategy for any newly approved seller owned domains going forward.

We will continue to review our pricing strategy to ensure that the domains are priced in line with their current value, with a goal to maximize the revenue potential for our sellers.


Thanks for staying on top. Quite necessary.

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Thanks for the adjustments :+1:

With the wild inflation rate, keeping prices the same would effectively be lowering them.

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Grant, I noticed the prices have not been changed on Afternic. What will happen in this situation?

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