Preventing Unauthorized and False Accounts

We have added some additional protection and checks in our platform to prevent users from creating unauthorized or false accounts. If our platform detects an unusual pattern of activity, your account might get blocked. In that case we will reach out to you for additional information to verify your account.

If you are not able to login to your account, please contact the support team and we will assist you in resolving the issue.


Thank you Grant, Some of these winners can be a real slap in the face when you work hard on a contest, so any and all extra safeguards are excellent,


For added clarification, @grant, can you tell us what unauthorized or false accounts are, if you can? Just curious. Also what kind of activity can be seen as unusual? Just wondering in case there are accidental lockouts or similar to accounts so we know what may have been seen as unusual activity. Just trying to reach out for answers to any accidental hiccups that may occur if that is even possible.


Unfortunately we can not share any additional details about our verification methods or patterns of activity that we might be looking for. If an account is blocked, there are certain additional verification steps to confirm the identity and we will work with those users directly to resolve the issue.