Pretty dead - why?

The SH discussion forum seems pretty discussion-less. Any suggestions?

I’ll start.

  1. Share more growth-oriented SH data.

It doesn’t have to be explicit enough to bite you back.

Such as sales growth stats, client growth stats, overall roadmap, milestones, marketing, loose ideas that are up for feedback, master plan, hopes, predictions, projections, needs.

I think sharing and even crowdsourcing on these things to some extent should not be underestimated. You may strike a golden ore to claim, purely from access to helpful headcount alone. That is the nature of this undeveloped and yet reactionary industry. Revelations around every corner if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

I also think that any investor, in normal circumstances, rightfully expects regular updates on overall performance and projections, in one way or the other.

Protectionism tends to be extra out of tune with a crowdsourcing model, IMO. Particularly with contributors that are directly responsible for inventory flow.

I’m not declaring that anti-competition secrecy is the cause for the silence on these things (that I sure do get frustrated with as a full time investor)

If you have other explanations that make me look silly, please share.

If it is the reason, thanks for considering the above in one way or the other, and if it’s not, even more so.


It depends on what you come to the discussion forum for, @Next_Venture. I came here for a different reason. Since coming back from my hiatus, I have found that discussion here has shifted tremendously from contests and fun, to the serious business of selling domains. I also noticed that the warm sharing of ideas, tips, friendships, the excitement and anticipation, and overall fun banter is missing (which is what I was coming for). I don’t know what happened that caused this. Are we consumed with selling domains? Is it because of Covid depression? Are there new rules in place that limits discussion? Have we exhausted everything that could be discussed and shared?

Here is a post from years ago, that can give people the feel of what the discussion was like then


I sell domains for a living and I work at expanding that business, so that is my focus, here.


I wish you the best and success in your domain business!


I come for both, but I really want that first domain sale. I have more questions than answers and right now, I want to know how to market a bit. Other than twitter. I looked at facebook groups but it seemed…mnn dicey. If I build it will sell right? I have faith in me but…. I don’t have a clue. What I wanna know, is where you started? I registered some sure things only to find out maybe issues? Very frustrated. Figured I need to do homework any suggestions on where? There are serious domainers on here, so I know it stinks to be varsity playing with newbies…but, umn, we could have a clinic? We’ll be better gabbers… …