Prepaid penalty for abandoned contest 50 bucks

We do this on a job everyone knows you dont get stuff signed you are penalizec. On Another job people used to abandon consigned furniture…we had to pay thr dump…this kind of incentive is motivating


Hi Slogana,
Good idea. That would be motivating to the CH’s to finish it out… it can be frustrating when you are highly rated and the contest gets awarded to many people. Most Creatives would probably rather have one person chosen to get a better payout-- particularly when it’s twelve dollars!


Perhaps not prepaid might turn them off…I do agree with another creative that believes these busy entrepreneurs might be overwhelmed…I think we need to cut back on top number of submissions…

I dont think adding a $50 penalty would work since they already abandoned the contest and left $100 or more on the table.
They might be holding contests on more than one crowd source platform or found their name elsewhere.


Yes that could be the case- and SquadHelp having to go back and charge the CH would be a pain for them to handle - not to mention compaints, etc. So maybe charging them $50 for not finishing would not work welI. I actually liked it better when one or two were selected with their formula-- a bigger payout. I do see why they now slice it up when necessary - to keep it as fair as possible…And that is why we are fans of SquadHelp!

Maybe an incentive instead of a penalty, like a discount on a trademark check, etc.


@ALDaisy1. I believe there are already incentives in place for the CH to choose a winner. But that might have changed. So many changes over the last year. I would say go to the help tab and look at the “everything you need to know” CH package of info.

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In the past, several times i got high rates but didnt get the abandoned contest award. Since the cha ching came, its been better at least for me. The cha ching just fair enough

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If there is a guaranteed contest of $300 and there’s no shortlist but you’re the only one with a like it, that means you get the whole prize right?

I believe so. I won an abandoned contest last cha-ching where I was the only winner. I won with an OTRT entry that was shortlisted. No loves,likes in contest.