Premuim Domain classification service


For SH registered domain, I think its best your professional team handles the classification. The bulk of the fees goes to you and it wont hurt if your team handle the description and classification.

Proper classification/sales will be a win-win to both creative and SH. if classification is left to Creative alone and its not done properly, it might reduce the chance of the name selling, which does not benefit either party.

my humble suggestion and happy new year to you…


I’d rather the choice on whether they classify and describe or not. As I’ve seen with some logos, the end result is sometimes not what I intended at all and therefore, in my mind, limits the potential of selling as well. I’d rather derive my own meaning and explanation than leave it in the hands of someone else 90% of the time. After all, the name came from my brain, my creativity.


SH do this already:


Wew need to pay with coins, 4 coins, if sold you know how much is the commission, i would rather work myself to put the classification instead of pay this and that duh.