Premiums For Premium Name Views

Re Premium Names - What about the possibility of some financial rewards for hitting certain thresholds (TBD) of views and/or shortlists? I have a sinking/nagging feeling that potential buyers view my names, grab an idea and go register it under some url that isn’t .com. I’d like to get some compensation for names that at least attract a lot of attention.

Wow! Are you sure that these are your ideas? … If you managed to register a domain in the com zone before others, it does not mean that the idea itself has become yours. Saddling a wild mustang doesn’t mean that everyone who buys a horse has to pay you for an idea. Personally, it doesn’t bother me that most of the customers use tracing copies from my domain names in other zones. The other day I even won a contest in which the CH would prefer to use the net zone rather than buy the com domain I own. But I am sure that when his company becomes popular, he will definitely come back and buy my domain. So relax, for the words do not belong to us personally. We, like miners, extract them from the ore of words. And if someone does not have enough money for our diamonds, let them use cheap jewelry.


Interesting analogies but I think you’re missing my point. No, I can’t prove that other people use my ideas and I certainly don’t claim that my ideas are strictly original (although they were, to me). I AM saying that, if an idea was good enough to be registered as a premium .com name, AND if it is demonstrating its value in some way, then it would be nice to have at least some minimal financial recognition. I’m glad your names have sold. Mine have not but they obviously give some credit to Squadhelp based on the 100’s of shortlists on which they appear.

I really don’t understand you. You write that you can not prove that other people use your ideas . So how does the SH team know if your names have inspired someone to sign up in other zones? You need to be happy that your domains have been approved as a premium, and not demand money or some kind of recognition. And who will personally pay you for recognition? SH team? How much? And where will they get the money to thank you? Out of their pockets? Or out pockets of other domainers?..


This is why I rarely use this forum. I don’t know if you are deliberately obtuse or just being provocative but you still entirely miss my point. Either way, you’ve twice stated YOUR point and that is enough. Thank you.

If your name is a .COM its value will only go up and someone registering other extensions is a very good indication that you picked a good name. Just never drop the name and continue submitting it to suitable contests. I have had similar things happen but in branding you have to know that ideas will always cross between tens of thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs world over … and we can never really own a brand name idea completely. Owning the .COM is the closest we can come to it. Just chill and enjoy the ride. :hugs:


It is a pity that you call me a dumbass and a provocateur. Unlike you, I very often visit the forum. Together with our colleagues, we solved many issues that really made life easier for creatives, including you. If I do not understand the essence of your proposal, this does not mean that I deserve insults. I have very few domain sales, about a hundred domains are still not approved as premium. And I would be happy if they were ever approved. You need to be glad that your domains are approved and shown on the best world platform, and do not demand money for it. If I do not understand something, explain to me the mechanism of your proposal. Who exactly and how much should pay you for the fact that your domains are demostrated ans got shortlists.