Premium review process

So, when a submitted name shows “5 Expert Reviews Completed” and short while later is rejected I assume it didn’t get enough positive reviews to move forward so it is rejected.

But, when a name shows “10 Expert Reviews Completed” and sits like that for days is it waiting on final SH admin approval? Or something else?

I’ve had numerous names get to “10 Expert Reviews Completed” but of those only half are approved for Premium. I’m just looking for some insight on the final hurdle to premium approval.

The whole process is documented here:

And here:

Not the whole process.
Why do some names sit with “10 reviews are completed” for a week or more while some others are auto approved and skip the final approval?

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It’s documented in the “expert review score” article I shared earlier.

Kind of. This is too vague for me “For several domains, the acceptance or rejection will be handled automatically based upon the final Expert Review Score.”
What score triggers “automatically”?
Why do some domains get to 10 and are promptly approved, others days, others a week or more?