Premium Marketplace Vs Basic/Basic Plus


I have an interesting question for fellow Creatives.

Which one of the two has more selling potential?

  1. Premium Marketplace domain priced at $1699.
  2. The same domain selling at $899 from creative Owned Basic/basic plus listing??

Only difference being that Premium Marketplace has greater visibility. But still wouldn’t you buy the same domain for $899?
I’m registering a few domains and this dilemma is making me think. I don’t even know if one can fix lesser prices for owned domains If it’s selected for premium.

Let me know your thoughts


The Basic plus names do not get anywhere near the same attention no matter what price they are. Put everything you can into premium, leave the rest in BP if you have enough likes for that. BP names are ONLY worthwhile if they are visible in the marketplace. Otherwise NOBODY sees them.


Thanks @Commulinks. Much appreciated :slight_smile: