Premium domains - to be or not to be?

I proceed from my long-term observations. Dear administration, I beg you to pay attention to this! There is such a thing as “human factor”. For example, I noticed that my options (I live in Russia) are most often highly rated by customers from Australia (this is true, but this is just an example). At the same time, my domains submitted for consideration for the market are approved sooner or later; most often from the third time, and this is six months of wasted time. And I see the following picture: two or even three shortlists appear in the first week after approval. The question arises: why were these domains “dead” for several months? I think it would be easier to create a category without a complimentary logo, which would include all of our base domains. If it is so important for you to consider our domains by a mass of experts, I suggest you make two options for them: “Perhaps” and “In no case!”. Just my thoughts. Thanks for attention.


Very good thoughts. I had a couple of times that domains were not accepted on the market for a very long time, and then immediately, after approval, they were bought. It is not clear what prevented this from being done earlier. We do not know what contingent are the experts. 20 experts is too few for the world-class domain market. The principle of approval is also incomprehensible. None of my domains, which consist of one real English word, are approved. Many of us sell domains through the jungle of restrictions. It should not be. If standard domains hit the shorts many times and are liked by customers, they should automatically be approved as premium. But this is not happening. The situation reaches the point of absurdity. Many of my standart domains are offered by other creatives in contests, but they are still not visible on the SH market. This means that these domains have great potential, they are valuable for both customers and creatives. To develop further, team need to remove these contradictions. If we choose domain target marketing and participation in contests, then these domains should be a priori visible on the domain marketplace.