Premium Domains Marked Down Once Again

Now marked down to 7 dollars each…I have 6 left( @ last count)…They are priced right and ready to go…Please take a look:)


You may PM the domains if they are owned by you.


They are sh registered…Thanks!

Thanks everyone…really,really appreciated…:heart::heart:

I scooped up a few, I hope you are doing ok (I realize on the 3 that I just purchased, you already invested $4 for the image). Good thoughts and warm wishes sending your way.

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Thank you @Freckles
Warm wishes back at you:)

I am new to SH. Where would I see these listings? And I guess I am confused… is this a liquidation of sorts?

Hi @BrandsEmerge
Welcome to SH…my listings are in squadhelp marketplace.If you have access to the wholesellers page?,you can view my name there.I only have one left,it’s a sh registered domain.To answer your question…it’s not a liqidation sale…After exploring the waters,I found it to complicated ( for me at least:).I wish not to continue being a domainer . That’s why I chose to see what my GREAT fellow creatives can do with my inventive names.Thank you to those creatives that have restored some of my enthusiasm!:slight_smile:


Hmm… well, I do have access. I just looked and do not see how to search by someone’s name. Some things are not very intuitive yet. :frowning:


One more thing. I am not sure how long you have been selling domains, but there is a lot to learn and most of all, it takes time. I would hate to see you give up on something that can bring you passive money down the road. My advice is to not look at it is money to pay the bills, but rather bonus money. In other words, have domains for sale but do something else intentionally for consistent money. You will enjoy it much more when the wins are extra instead of just paying bills. If I can be of help, please let me know. I am new to Squadhelp, but not new to selling domain names.

Also, in my experience, brandables are less predictable sales than other types of domain investing such as buying expired domains or closeout domains.


Thank you BrandEmerge,for all of your advice and encouragement it’s appreciated…unfortunately I have to stay true to my own level of ability and confidence…since participating in SHMP,I’ve not gained any ground and for me personally I had rather see someone promote and benefit from my names instead of seeing them sit there getting shortlisted with no sale😀



As BrandsEmerge said, Selling domains is not overnight, It is more of a waiting game, It can be rewarding when you follow a strategic path and understand more the investment model that works for you, I highly recommend joining NamePros forum, There’s plenty to read and learn there, It’s a school for domainers as well as a place to do business.

All the best!