Premium Domain Submission Update

To provide some context for this post, as you all know, Squadhelp allows Contest Holders to run contests in which all name submissions are checked for domain availability. We also allow premium domains from the Squadhelp Marketplace to be shown to Contest Holder for their consideration.

Still, we have a select few Contest Holders who come to our platform with a very high domain budget. In these cases, it is our goal to provide only relevant and available names to the CH. We are currently working on a process for Creatives to submit external high-value domains, which will also allow us the ability to ensure only relevant and available domains are shown to the Contest Holder. This is important for providing a high-quality customer experience, as well as preventing some submission issues that we were seeing in the past.

However, we realized that at this time we have not provided a clear path for submitting appropriate names into those contests in which the CH has a very high domain budget.

With this in mind, until we build a more permanent solution, in a select few specific cases when a CH has a very high domain budget, we will allow Creatives to submit domains that are clearly listed for sale on external platforms.

This will be a temporary solution while we build out the appropriate mechanisms to provide both Creatives and Contest Holders a better, clearer, and easier way to submit very high-value domains into contests.

At this time, if a Contest has been approved for the submission of external domains, we will specifically indicate this within the contest brief. We will return to the -cs technique for submitting these names, which allows you to use this format,, to submit domains that are clearly listed for sale on a credible third-part site.

This technique can only be used when Squadhelp has specifically indicated it within the contest brief. If it is not written in the brief that the contest is open for -cs submission, then they should not be submitted.

We apologize for any confusion related to this change.


@grant I’m presuming that domains that haven’t been submitted to the marketplace still have to be suggested to SH’s marketplace and can’t be submitted as -sc if they weren’t. Is that correct? Also, can external creative owned names rejected by SH’s marketplace or accepted but chosen not to be published by the creative, be suggested using -sc in the relevant contests?

The purpose for a -sc contest is not for Creatives to submit domains that they own but are not in the marketplace. The purpose is to allow Creatives to submit high-quality domains that they do not own, because the CH has a difficult naming challenge.

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@grant Gotcha. Thanks.