Premium Domain Submission Policy update


That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.


@grant Are owned domains vetted first for ownership before they can be entered in contests? Today I entered a name into a “Exact Domain only” contest and saw that it was already entered in the contest. Later when I checked, the domain name was already registered and was a very high priced premium domain not in the Squadhelp marketplace. Isn’t this a loophole where someone can enter premium names not in the marketplace and which they don’t own?


@lightless I can think of two scenarios where this can happen:

  1. The creative somehow does own the domain and is willing to let it go for the contest amount (even if they have it listed elsewhere at a high price). Unlikely

  2. The URL has a - in it. I’m guessing that in order to stop and both being submitted to the same contest the system discounts the -. It could be that has been submitted and is a high priced premium domain not on the marketplace and which they don’t own.

But I’m just guessing here.


This seems like it is most likely an error. Can you report using the Blue Button.


Okay, so just to be clear - the only names that we are allowed to submit are names that we come up with (currently available) and names listed on the SH marketplace. Nothing from any other website that has names for sale (i.e. brandbucket, etc). So if they say real word, $100,000 budget… we can only use names we think of or own/list on Squadhelp?


I am just sooo confused with all these changes​:flushed:I don’t know which way to go :grin:


As quoted by Grant:
Moving forward, we will no longer ask Contest Holders if they would like to see premium domains. All contests will be open to premium domains from the Squadhelp Marketplace. This will allow a much more seamless and consistent customer experience, as well as allow creatives to pitch their relevant marketplace names to all contests.

Also, to further simplify issues around premium domains, we will discontinue the -sc contest status. These are contests in which Creatives were able to submit premium domains outside of the Squadhelp Marketplace using 1 (for See Comments), if the domain was listed for sale on a reputable third party platform. This mechanism was causing confusion with contest holders. Additionally, there was a widespread misuse and misunderstanding of the feature with Creatives, in which many of the submissions did not actually align with the submission requirements.

At this point, you can only submit names listed on Squadhelp Marketplace to naming contests (or your owned domain in lieu of contest award). We may announce further updates to this policy in the future.


@grant If clients have listed they are open to premium domains, why are creatives asking for their budget? Also, if clients state they have have a $100K budget, shall we tell them we are not allowed to offer domains outside of SH. What is the protocol here?


We have provided the most update version of our Policy here:


Grant system messages are not keeping up with changes


Grant when we make changes of this caliber I think it should be done like you guys do the check out our new article, meaning by PM blue button. While I frequently view forums and am trying to update myself on all the changes, I dont look at forum every day. I was unaware of this one


Say it ain’t so! Is it true a ch

  • List item
    can call me the winner and it was a premium domain listing I own, he changes my name by one letter and doesn’t pay a dime ? Example my entry joy wins, ch calls it and I get 0 marketplace money and can’t enter the name into any more contests because," that name has already won in a previous contest"??!!


You need to report it to Squadhelp. Use the blue-button.


It is important to note that winner selection and domain purchase are exclusive actions taken by a CH.

In many cases, a CH will select a premium domain as the winner of the contest and then move on to purchase that domain.

However, winner selection does not always mean that a CH plans on using that domain.

Keep in mind, around 90% of contests on Squadhelp are guaranteed. Here are just two examples of many situations where a CH may choose a specific winning name without plans to use that exact name for their venture:

  • The CH is not going to use any names submitted into their contest, but they award the Creative that they feel best participated in the brainstorming process.

  • The CH is not going to use any names submitted into their contest, but they award the Creative whose name is closest to the name that they decided to move forward with.

With this is mind, it is true that some CHs will choose a premium domain as the winner of their contest, but not move forward with the purchase of that domain from the Marketplace. Importantly, the Marketplace Commission will only be paid to the Creative, if the domain is actually purchased from the Marketplace.

We will look into the submission policy regarding Premium domains for future updates. We will consider allowing Premium domains that win a contest, but are not purchased, to continue being submitted into future contests.


Lightless…I asked about this also.I own over 100 domains,and many of them I would like to just enter into contests like we used to be able to do, for just the contest award.I am not really interested in being a domainer. I registered many of my names simply to keep them from being taken by other people and protect them. I am not interested in listing them with SH or trying to set a sales price for them.I do not understand why we don’t have the ability to do that. SH already gets $ from our name if we win the contest…so why do we also have to list it too in order to be able to submit it?


(Corrected response)

@hollygirl @lightless

You do have the ability to submit your owned domains in lieu of the contest award amount with the Basic Marketplace Listing.

You can learn more about the Basic Listing and how to submit your domains here:


Grant…I guess what my problem is, is I am an old lady with no interest really in being a domainer. I have no idea what price to ask for domains, or how to market them, etc…which you still have to do in basic listings. I just want to be able to submit them in contests. I guess I don’t understand why we are being channeled to list all our names with SH in order to submit into contests,when that is not the interest of everyone. For people who want to be domainers…great…but I just really came on here to win money thru contests.Whether we submit a new name we just thought up,or a name we own in a contest…what difference does it make? If we are willing to accept the contest amount for it…then I don’t understand why we have to list it first. You still make the money from the contest…so I guess I don’t see how it would make a difference to you, or hurt SH, and why we don’t have that option.Perhaps you could clarify,please? I am out of my element here. Thanks


Holly, I hear ya! Just so you know, though, listing your name as a Basic Listing is almost exactly the same as listing as “my owned domain” used to be. NOBODY is going to that part of the marketplace…NOBODY… so you can put it there and the only diff is you have to sub a listing price which does NOT come through when you sub it to contests. So put your names in as Basic listings, and pick a price just because you have to… and sub them to contests just like you used to do with My Owned domains. Only Basics can be subbed to contests for the contest prize… the CH does not see your listing price.


Clinks…do you know if you are still subject to an extra 15% commission to SH if it sells thru a contest? Thx


No commission, Holly. As a BASIC listing it is just like MY OWNED DOMAINS used to be. You sub them to contests for the contest prize and that is all!!!