Premium Domain Submission Limits

It has come to our attention that, in some cases, Creatives are using a “spray-and-pray” approach to submitting premium domains into contests (in other words, submitting a lot of domains from their premium domain portfolio into contests without consideration for the specific contest brief).

This style of contest participation is not condoned for standard (non-premium) submissions, and it is, also, not appropriate for premium domain submissions.

In the next few days, we will implement per-contest premium-domain submission limits based on Percentile Rank as follows:

  • Less than 60% Percentile Rank: 1 Premium Domain
  • 60-70% Percentile Rank: 2 Premium Domains
  • 70-80% Percentile Rank: 3 Premium Domains
  • 80%+ Percentile Rank: No Limits

We will also add the ability for Contest Holder to disable premium domain submission from their contest after the contest is live, if they wish to absolutely not see any premium names.


Why not just limit everyone to 3 Premium Domains. I think the no limits are part of the issue. It’s no different than a regular entry to a contest where people enter 50 - 400 entries in one contest. Those seem to be “spray-and-pray” as well. However, I love the ability for Contest Holder to disable premium domain submission. This will help when they truly do not want them and we don’t have to receive the NTY rating and lose points.


Good call about letting CHs control whether they want Premium domains submitted or not. That partly helps solve the whole debate we had in the suggestion section about these submissions, at least as far as CHs getting submissions they aren’t interested in.


This doesn’t really impact me, but my thought is that it seems that many are suffering for the few in this situation. Why not talk to the creatives who are doing it instead of applying a new rule for the masses? Maybe it is because there are so many people doing this? I have the impression that “in some cases” means a few. Also, it may not be condoned in standard submissions, but it sure is happening a lot for something that is not condoned.

I do not think there should be limits for everyone, either. If someone has a lot of premium names that they feel are the right fit according to a brief, they should be able to sub all they feel apply. The creative takes the hit in ratings if the CH doesn’t like them already and their number of submissions is limited by their rating already.

My main point is that rules keep being created because of a few people who are doing these things and that doesn’t feel great. But, since it doesn’t impact me, I suppose I should not be bothered by it. I am definitely not taking a strong stance on this.


Option for CH to disable premium domains is great idea, it was recommended several times in this forum. Regarding premium domains limit, I must say I don’t like it. I am struggling with my rating lately since I have limited time to spend on SH, and it is going to affect me.


I agree with @Commulinks. The rules are changing so fast it’s hard to keep updated.
When the CH had the option to say they wanted premium domains…most weren’t sure what that meant until they started receiving them as entries and realized there would be an additional cost.
As far as “pray and spray” unregistered entries. We’ve I this conversation many times before, that’s why entry limits were put in place. Guess that’s not working the way it was intended. It was supposed to help with CH’s becoming overwhelmed and abandoning their contest.
Maybe the answer is an internal notification to SHAdmin when a creative sprays a contest with rapid fire entries. That way you can address the issue with them directly. Just my two cents worth.


Just to add something, not sure if you noticed, you can participate some Tier-A contests as regular member using Premium Marketplace domains. It kind of looses the point with this new limit.

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No I didn’t know that, thanks

Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our philosophy is that it is extremely hard to remain at an 80%+ rating if you are not taking the time to submit a select few premium domains that align with the needs of each contest. This is the reason that we will continue to allow those with high percentile rankings unlimited premium domain submissions. (It is also important to note that these submission limits are governed by our overall entry limits.)

Regarding the implementation of new rules: While our goal is to minimize any changes in the rules, it is important for us to continue to ensure a successful experience for all of our stakeholders, which requires us to update our policies from time to time.