Premium domain contests-what do CHs know about them?


Please note that our current Policy does not allow a Creative to ask a CH about their domain budget or if they are open to domains outside the SH Marketplace. (I like SHMP, by the way :slight_smile: )

At this point, only Squadhelp Managed Contests, and a select few contests reviewed specifically by Squadhelp, are open to domains outside the Squadhelp Marketplace.

If a brief does not specifically say that domains outside of the SH Marketplace should be submitted through, then it is not approved by Squadhelp, and outside domains should not be submitted.


Ok. .thank you. I fully understand and will refrain from such future actions. Thanks for kudos on the (SHMP) acronym :grinning:


Hello! I have read all the messages and I want to make sure I understand correctly.Take the example of a contest. CH says: premium domain accepted up to $ 10,000. The creative can offer premium domain names. Okay.Two cases: 1 / it is written: squadhelp managed contest. In this case, we have the right to submit external premium domains to SH (writting -sc). 2 / Nothing is mentioned: we can only submit premium SH names.
And (i have another question about it): in this case, can we only submit our own names, and not the names that are in the list and that do not belong to us.(?)
Please excuse me because you have to repeat things already explained. But I’m French and it’s a bit difficult for me. But it’s very important not to make mistakes!Thank you all for your patience!:pensive:


I believe that you have it down :slight_smile: but someone can chime in if I am wrong!

2 situations here-

I saw the specific contest that had the CH saying “premium domain accepted up to $ 10,000.”

In this situation, I don’t think that they understand that we are only allowed to submit SH Marketplace domains, since their contest is not managed by SH. (which is often the case- I have had to tell several CH’s that we are not allowed to submit premium domains elsewhere- and they were upset.) Since that specific contest is not managed by SH- we are only allowed to submit domains that we own (not other creatives domains) from the marketplace.

On the other hand,

We are allowed to submit domains outside of the SH Marketplace (GoDaddy, Uniregistry, Sedo, ect.) when SH is managing the contest and they have it clearly written in the brief “Domains up to $ xx,xxx submit using


Ok. I wanted to be sure :I made mistakes because of misunderstandings and I want to follow the rules because SquadHelp has a big (positive) place in my life.
Thank you, Littodino!:fu::star_struck: