Premium domain contests-what do CHs know about them?


Hey @Grant, could you tell us what the CHs know about the premium domain selection and how it relates to the marketplace? What I mean is, what are they told about how the pricing works and can you tell us how that works? For example, if they run a $200 contest and say yes to premiums and they choose the premium name, do they just pay the difference?


Good question - I’m always weary of CH’s who run a $100 contest and are open to Premium domains from the Marketplace. When a contest is priced at something higher, say $300 and up, I’m more confident they understand and are actually willing to pay for a Premium domain.


Sometimes I don’t know if they browsed the marketplace already or not because so often I have a name that is exactly the right thing and I wonder… you know what I mean? I know I’m not the only one! There’s some fabulous names in the marketplace! But I do want to be able to answer any questions and make better decisions about entering my marketplace names in contests. I don’t want it to be a turn-off, yet sometimes it is just the right name!


CHs will come into a contest with different levels of understanding about our Marketplace and premium domains in general. However, we believe the best course of action is to recommend just a select few of your Marketplace names that you feel would be excellent names based on the contest brief - while also submitting some great available names that also fit the contest brief.


Thank you Grant. Yes, that is what I do. But maybe I should have asked this differently: What info do you give them about this? For example, if they choose a marketplace name, do they just pay the difference? Is there a blurb we can read that the CHs get that explains this?


Premium domains are marked clearly within the contest for the CH. CHs have the ability to click to view the name’s Marketplace page and explore the logo and price. If a CH chooses to move forward with a Marketplace name submitted to their contest, their award amount is applied to the purchase price (which is why the Creative receives the greater of the award amount or their commission when they win with a Marketplace name - rather than the award amount and the commission).


Thanks Grant! Do you think CHs understand this well? Are they told this info up front? If not, I am now suggesting they do.


@Commulinks - I understand where you’re coming from, and over time we will certainly review this process and see if we can improve the communication and knowledge transfer.


Just to confirm that the “Premium Domains” option may be confusing to CH’s - I just had a CH message me asking “Can you explain the premium URL to us?” . . . their contest is “open to premium domains”

I gave them a little bit of insight about the Marketplace but told them to ask SH directly if they have questions.


Thanks for posting this, @Cren, this is why I asked the question!


@Commulinks @grant - I think the best thing to do, is put ourselves in the CH’s shoes - if I was starting a contest, I’d like to see a “blurb” about what the “Premium Domain” entails, and the price breakdown according to what package I have, so I know exactly where I stand financially. Maybe some sort of pricing example for the CH to visually see.


I had a similar thing happen. A CH asked if I would be willing to lower the Market Place Price as they really wanted the name but felt it was too expensive after the cost of already opening a contest. They also didn’t understand what the premium URL was. I directed them to SH for any questions they had.


well that’s a little awkward :upside_down: thanks for sharing @ChristyMay - we all want to get these premium domains sold :slight_smile: the better the CH’s understand, the better for us and SH collectively


Hi All - Thank you for your feedback on this. We will keep it in mind as we continue to improve and advance the platform.


Maybe the problem is them understanding what a “premium domain” is.
Hey you want a regular domain or a premium one? Well of course I’d like a premium name, who wouldn’t. Maybe next to the box they check for premium domain could have a comment in RED that states additional charges will be incurred with Premium domains or just “additional charges apply”. Then a pop-up with an explanation and some price range.


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Had exactly the same situation yesterday, wondering if it is the same contest :slight_smile:


Just for fyi…I totally confused a ch by asking for display of dollar amount for premium domain allowed and will you be open to domains outside of shmp(hope its allowed in public comment😶section) Anyway ch asked if I could explain my inquires(which I did)…I politely explained and apologized for any confusion the questions caused.Also explained if needed-sh is more than happy to help.The fyi is…I don’t think ch fully understood the premium part.


I saw that in messages in a contest, and CH had no idea what you were talking about. Contest has Premium Domains marked as YES. Strictly speaking, Premium Domains does refer just to SH marketplace domains, as far as I know. In contest brief it is not stated that CH is open to aftermarket domains outside SH. So it is definitely not CH’s fault, but makes me wonder how much info about what “premium domains” means CHs actually get when opening a contest.


Yeah I noticed that in the brief and decided to ask.Maybe @grant can clarify if we should ask.I certainly hope I haven’t crossed the line.Feeling that I won’t ask again it’s clear ch was a bit confused by the questions😓