Premium and standard domains. How about Basic Plus Listings?

In the new classification of the SH domain marketplace, we have premium and standard domains. However, many of us have a holdover from the old system - Basic Plus Listing Domains, visible on the market. I propose to abolish them as a class in the new year and automatically transfer them to the premium category. Although they are visible to customers, promotions are not applicable to them. These domains are in a notoriously worse position, although they have long earned the right to premium status. Given that new domains have no chance of being a basic plus, this class should be eliminated to avoid confusion.

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I would like to get an answer to my question about the legitimacy of Basic Plus Listings. With the introduction of the paid Marketing Exposure Added feature to standart domains, it doesn’t make sense of BPL domain group. If the team wants to abandon them, then it must be done in the new year. My suggestion is that all Basic plus listings that are visible on the SH marketplace are automatically approved for premium.

This is already the case. All BP listings that are visible in the marketplace can be upgraded to premium. All you have to do is his the button.


It’s not about the button. team said that domain sell will significantly simplified - only premium and standard domains will remain. But several months have passed - and nothing has changed. Basic plus listings have remained in limbo - boost and superboost are inapplicable to them. Many difficulties arise when trying to edit domains. Now you need to separate premium, standard and basic plus in order to apply any functions to them. This is an unnecessary class that is not needed at the moment. By the way, the button doesn’t help either, I’ve tried it. Even domains visible on the SH market that have won contests but have not been purchased by customers are not approved for premium. I would like to get a public answer, why then are basic plus domains needed if they are not used now.

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I don’t understand. I have been able to upgrade some basic plus to premium where i can do all of those things.

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This is not about approving multiple domains. The base plus domains were liquidated as a class, but we were kindly allowed to remain visible of them on the market. But the essence has not changed - now, instead of two classes - premium and standard - we still have outdated basic plus domains. Please, re-read my answer above. I wrote about how they make it difficult to edit domains. If I want to apply discounts, I have to edit each domain group separately. I think this is overkill. And it would be more correct to abolish these domains not in words, but in deeds. If they are visible on the market, team should automatically upgrade them to premium. Instead of three categories of domains, you need to leave two. I think this is enough for understanding?

What you are asking of SH is to force people who have basic plus listing to lose 5% commission for something they can choose to do themselves knowing they lose 5% commission. Anyone can upgrade their Basic Plus Searchable names to premium in bulk. For some it may not be worth that much money just to have all of their names on one list and the ability to boost. Discounts can already be applied to basic plus. What you lose is money when you do this upgrade. What you gain is the ability to boost and maybe a little more exposure. But I don’t think SH should do this across the board because those who have BP searchable listings who have not converted them already have reasons for doing that.