Pregnancy website contest winner

When I saw Reneeb (joined 5 days before contest, less than 10 contests) trending, and the way some of my thoughtful entries were rated 2 stars and some other contestants complained to similar effect, I had my doubts he was going to win this contest.

I feel this contest needs Squadhelp investigation. I also see a suspicious pattern (Such as in this one and the recent one where there was a Squadhelp TOS violation), where the winner joins around a week from the contest running dates.


yes its strange that you can often tell who is going to win well before a contest ends by seeing when they joined :wink:


I get suspicious when its not just a newbie (because some are successful I.e Skevens) but when its a newbie who wins than stops entering more contests there have been 7 contests since the win not one entry?


We are investigating this contest. So far, we haven’t found any link between CH and contestant but we will check further. Adding @Janice.


Strongly Disagree that a new Creative can’t win even at a very first instance!!!

odd when they win and dont come back to win more though no ?


Nobody has anything against new creatives. But a newbie winning out of left field is a common indicator of them being a contest holder shill or the contest holder under a different user account.

Dear Lightless, I am not denying the possibility of a collusion between CH & contestant but still i have apprehensions…
what if a new contestant, who is a corporate employee and takes part time participation in naming contests, then THE point of winning and left away can’t be justified.
There could be some other valid reasons also.

And I was really hoping I was going to get this one! I’m a newbie stuck in the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” category! :slight_smile:
I agree that a newbie could easily win; the only thing I find strange is the contestants usually have joined while the competition is already running and won it. So definitely not suggesting that something sinister is happening everytime this happens, but does appear to be happening a bit.

We looked into this contest but were not able to see any evidence of connection between the CH and the winning contestant. When such an issue is reported by contestants, we check for several aspects (including IP address, domain who-is records) to detect any linkages. We will move forward with awarding the original contestant in this case.


@ Janice Thanks for at least checking into it )


Thank you for looking into it. In this case, at least the domain name was registered.