Preferred Name Styles

On many contests, you will find “Preferred Name Styles” at the bottom of the contest briefs. These are illustrated pics of past winners. Are these selected from the CH to better illustrate the style of names they are looking for, or is this automatically generated on some but not all contests?

These are selected by the CH from past winning contests.

@grant I’d really like to do away with this, and force the CH to choose names they like from the marketplace as examples of what they like. For several reasons:

1). The CH could get fixed on a name that is not available and be disappointed they didn’t get it first.
2). We should be “subliminally training” CHs into knowing that a short/quality name usually costs money.
3). We should be pushing the marketplace not names that are not available.

Thanks for your consideration.


Thank you for this information!


I agree! I’ve found myself getting, “locked in” on one of the examples, and just not being able to beyond it.

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@grant Would SH consider this please?


I also feel that these illustrated names can be unintentionally somewhat misleading. A short and attractive name will be illustrated, without showing that in fact the winning name was likely longer. As an example the name might show as “Lively” giving the impression that someone actually snagged Lively dot com in a contest. Only when you research the past winners do you see that it was actually LivelyConsultingGroup dot com that won. Still an OK name, but not a short positive dot com with between 5-8 letters (as often requested…)


Thanks for the feedback. We have developed a new AI based algorithm and we plan to make several changes across the website, including the contest launch flow. This algorithm will focus on showcasing the relevant premium domains from marketplace more than the name examples from past contests.

The contest launch flow changes will take some time - since we are initially focusing on adding this new algorithm to improve the marketplace discovery of names.


This is good news indeed and I think will help on many levels. I am looking right now at a contest where the CH has featured and mentioned several times a name showing on the page, from a past contest, that they really love. My concern is that any submissions will not measure up to this unobtainable name. The name itself, the one they really love, was actually registered back in 1997. What probably won an SH contest was a variant like +Group or +Partners. I think the presentation of past winners like this can result in more abandoned contests, as CHs chase this dream. So something more grounded in reality, is welcome.



Any update on this, and any chance we can get rid of the “From Past Contests” in the Preferred Name Style?