Prayers please for me


I am so sorry for your loss Holly. May God give you peace in this difficult time.


I just got home from being gone for 12 days (except for one brief trip home, then back out there again) to arrange for my son’s funeral (which was yesterday) and trying to clean out his apartment and do all the things associated with it,and trying to be with and support Lucas through it. My poor grandson can’t wrap his head around it yet…and will not talk about his Daddy…so that tears my heart up. But I will be there to support him when he is ready.

All the good wishes,prayers and outpouring of caring really has touched me and strengthened me thru this. I do sincerely thank you.

I have faith that even though this is so difficult, all is well, and I will see my son again someday.

I am not emotionally ready to come back to naming yet. Not only am I emotionally drained, exhausted and still grieving…but my head and heart just aren’t there right now.

I will not be gone forever…just til I feel the time is right to return.So best of luck to all of you.

In the meanwhile…thank you again for all the kind words and thoughts. I won’t ever forget it.



I am so sorry for your loss, be strong …


I’m very sorry for the loss @hollygirl. May the Invisible Hands of the Almighty continue to guard, guide and uphold you. My thoughts and prayers are with u😥


:heart: was just thinking of you today and wanted to pop in and let you know you are still in our thoughts.


How kind of you Lynn…it is truly appreciated. I am still where I can only come on here sporadically…I am still struggling and my mind is in a fog…which is not conducive to naming. I eventually will be able to clear my head and heart and put my grief where it needs to go…but it is still too fresh,and I miss my boy too much. Thank you for thinking of me. It means alot to me to have kind friends and associates here.


Welcome back @hollygirl, congrats on your recent win!


Thank you for your kindness. I am trying to get back into the game…but taking it slow.


It’s nice to see you Hollygirl. I know the upcoming season is a tough one. May you be upheld in your time of grief. You have some friends here and while that is little comfort, I hope it gives you some solace. I know work can be a huge issue when you are grieving, hard to concentrate keep focus. For me if I let my mind wander a second I was in that space. Keep your head where your feet are - refocus as much as possible and it helps get you through the things you have to do. Prayers.


It’s so good to see you back Holly! I know this path is the hardest road to travel but you have friends here who will lift you up!