Power of selecting a winner anytime

I would love to see a option where a contest holder have power to select the winner of the contest any time, weather the contest has started or is ending.


@LiGhtT, good suggestion. Some contest holders have also requested this feature. We will add this to our roadmap and work on it. In the meantime, we will keep this thread open for few days in case some one has a different point of view.

True…although there is value in allowing time to submit ideas too. Some creatives may not be able to enter throughout the day, or in the first few hours, as others are able. Seeing a wide range of options is a positive thing.

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In that case, perhaps a 3-day Rule could work?..Let the Creatives know that they have three days (counting the day the contest is posted) to submit entries, and after that, the Client can select a winner and close the contest within that time frame.

I would like to suggest that the Contest owner may have an option to select the winner anytime during the contest period provided at least 24 hour notice is given in order for the participants to know when is their NEW deadline and submit whatever that they have not done yet.

Jose has a valid point. Nobody wants to spend unwarranted time when the CH has already made up their mind. You could give them like a traffic light or something along those lines. If they want more names, green light. Red light would be like they’ve made a decision. Yellow, they have chosen some but still on the fence. If that makes sense at all, haha!

Thank you all. Based upon everyone’s feedback, we are going to allow a contest holder to select a winner and end the contest early. If they have already found the name or design they like, its better to end that contest. This way contestants can focus their time and effort on other contests, where the decision to select a winner is still open. We will announce when this change is implemented.


Great, Thank you :smile:

@Jose, @LiGhtT, @shanitagg, @Scop, @Dan=
I remember being told ‘wa-a-ay back when’ that CH’s were misusing the contest in some way by ending them early. I believe it would be by sending in a “ringer” with a name they liked based on an entry, but maybe SH has better safeguards against that now. (Since no one can enter “old” contests.)
I also think that, since this is called “contest” & has rules that people felt it was not a fair playing field if they had good names that never got a chance to be seen. After all- if you have seen 5 names- you are picking your favorite from those five- how do you know if you had seen 10 names, you might not really like #10 better, after you saw it? (Hope I’m being clear :yum:

The ideas of a “no less than” X amount of time & also announcing- contest will close in 24…(or whatever) hours sent in Notifications (email type) to all participating contestants could be fairer. Everyone wants to feel the competition is fair- and the idea of some indication on the Active Contest board would also be fairer, (like a caution sign?) to those of us whom may not enter right away, believing there is time to participate. (That could get people pretty riled up, after awhile :wink: if they felt cheated somehow.)
1 more point- sometimes CHs will say-“Yay! I found it” with words or high ratings, then, when the trender is re-rated lower the CH says, “Oh, sorry! My partner, group, etc… didn’t like it as well as me…” SO
Great idea as long as done with some fairness to all- so feelings aren’t hurt, but we’re not all waiting forever!