Possibility of transactions within SquadHelp

It would be very nice if the SH administration opened up the possibility of monetary transactions between contestants / SquadHelp domainers.
Right now we already have the ability to transfer our domains
to other contestants/domainers within SquadHelp. Why not do it with money in the same way?
I understand, of course, that it’s more complicated.

  • there will be the trend of boosting all the internal processes associated with domaining;
  • there will be another positive feature of SH for attracting new users;
  • you’ll intensify the creation of horizontal connections between contestants/domainers, which is very good for the internal atmosphere of our creative portal;
  • money will stay on SH’s balance longer, and this is what SH is interested in, if I understand correctly;
  • SH itself will become a marketplace on the whole.

I agree, by the way, this innovation will be useful for colleagues in a difficult life situation. So some creatives will can help them. Now it is already possible to make a bonus for the designer, so there is a mechanism for transferring funds inside SH


Right idea. Now we have entered a time when any of us may find ourselves in a difficult life situation. Transfers inside the SH would be a very correct decision.