Poll - Should we keep or remove Reason for Rating on No Thank You?


I do understand your concern, but what I feel an unrated entry or a ‘No thank you’ entry can always be shortlisted … and can be declared as winner !! What do you say…


Hi All,

Based on your feedback, we have removed the Reason for Rating feature. We will continue to explore ways to increase productive communication and collaboration between Contest Holders and Creatives.


@Grant, does this mean we will now see ALL NTYs in our Activity Feed? When you switched to having the dropdowns, I reported that the only ones that came through in the activity feed were the ones with dropdown comments. That is still true. So we do not see all the others that are rejected without comment in our feed.


Currently, No Thank You ratings are not included in your Activity Feed. However, we will be building the ability to filter your Activity Feed to include No Thank You ratings in the near future.


I am glad you are doing it that way… I need to know, but I don’t necessarily want it the be the first thing I see! I remember long conversations in the forum about too many NTYs in our feed being upsetting…


Would that be the reason why sometimes our percentages drop like a stone,but when you look at your activity feed,you don’t see any new ratings? I went down 2% overnight…yet I didn’t get any new ratings according to my activity feed. So I was totally puzzled. Could there be ntys that I got that I just don’t know about since they are not being posted? Thanks


I wanted to add that although it is kind of depressing to see a string of ntys in our feed…we cannot get a true representation of how we’re doing unless we see the contests/entries we have gotten ntys for also.


i bluebuttoned about NTY’s and now i see some of them in my Activity Feed. Don’t have an idea why not all of them. Anyway i felt lonely without NTY’s, so let them stay…:slightly_smiling_face:


Well,I’m already missing the feedback we received on NTYs. I know you guys thought it was useless, but I actually liked it as it gave me some direction.


I can understand your position,and know it seems strange not to see any comment at all about a nty…but I wish what would happen is if the CH saw potential in the name, but it needed tweaking or such…that they would personally comment and give you direction.

Ultimately for me,a nty is a nty and just doesn’t fit their idea, and unless they give us some constructive feedback for the entry…the generic stuff still didn’t give you much of a clue why it was rejected, or how to improve it. ( Except like I said before…if they were telling you it was too long…but usually they say in their brief if they want a short or one word name).

Being told a name is too generic when you worked hard on a creative name, can be insulting,and doesn’t really tell you what kind of names they think are NOT generic (unless they have included the type of names in their brief they like) and not a good fit, stands to reason already, as they rejected it. So I on the whole did not find it too helpful, and I think in some cases discouraged the CH from rating much as it was overwhelming and slowed the process down.

I think the key overall is for the CH to improve their briefs, and to respond to questions asked, which can give more clarity to all as to what they are looking for. But sometimes, no matter what you enter…it’s a roll of the dice…and the CH’s themselves don’t really know what they want til they see it.


Agree, LauraE. Now the reasons of NTY’s are hidden.


I appreciate what you’re saying Holly though I disagree. The system was not perfect but it was something we wanted at the very beginning of the discussion way back. I thought the ‘too generic’ helped because after a bit of study I could see from the point of view of the CH. I then would be able to fine tune the name or go in a new direction. I received positive results with that… Now, we are working in the dark without knowing the reasons if CHs reject our names, and I feel we are worse off than before in regards to feedback.

Asking questions about our names and how to make it better is what people used PMs to CHs to get an advantage for. If a Ch initiates the conversation, then I don’t see a problem with it. But keep in mind that it’s just not feasible for CHs to personally respond to 70 + people who want personal feedback. This is where the ‘canned’ responses’ gave way to direction.

By all means, CH should provide as much info as possible in the briefs, but the reality here is there are those who won’t and will only provide the bare minimum. SH can’t ‘make’ them. SH provides some of the best brief templates around so I can’t see where they can do any better. I feel SH made a big mistake in dumping NTY feedback before replacing it with something better.

Thank you @vuriko, it seems we are in the minority.


@LauraE, i suppose SH Team just did what the community asked… and i understand that sometimes NTY’s reasons seemed annoying for the creatives who worked hard just to hear a general reason. But now…i personally feel foggy and clueless when i see NTY and… period. Thank you for understanding @LauraE.


I totally see your point. I am surprised that as much as the generic reasons bugged me…I do also feel kind of bereft without any kind of reason/direction behind the ntys. I wish there was something that was more than the old system, but not as directionless as nothing at all.

I guess it is the same with being shortlisted and loved…then suddenly being unshortlisted with no explanation.That has happened probably in half of my shortlistings lately.You don’t know why they changed their mind and if you should continue in the same vein,as your entry could be tweaked or improved…or if they did a 180 and just are completely going in a new direction. Or also, not getting your entries rated at all, so you have no idea if you are in the ballpark or totally off base.

So much of this is like I said, a roll of the dice and hard to decipher.

I’ll be the first one to say, I am not entirely sure what the solution is.


Someone suggested recently that instead of getting rid of these ratings, SH might consider tweaking them instead. I thought that was a good idea but it didn’t get any traction. I still have to say I found the NTY ratings useless (for me). But I feel like we still aren’t getting at the main problem we have which is real, true insight and direction from CHs. It is so frustrating, for example, to get this huge bunch of NTYs in a contest and see that everyone is getting the same with zero feedback from the CH, even when the contestants are asking numerous questions. How do we move this ball forward so that we get what we are really asking for, which is real insight??? I wish I knew the answer to this because the struggle is real!


CHs have limited time, and I honestly feel it is in our best interest that they use that time to 1] Rate every submitted entry and 2] Provide more entry specific feedback on entries they like.

These messages and the time they take up to select, were likely inhibiting both those functions and fatiguing CHs, without providing any value in return.


Thanks for your input.This is is my stance also, as mentioned in a previous posting. Certainly there is some way to get CH’s to rate and give thoughtful direction and answer questions.That is the key. Otherwise we all are floundering and many times if we get a love it or shortlisting it was by an educated guess or a pure shot in the dark. I really appreciate the CH’s who give example of names they like and don’t like, words or ideas to include or not include…and will comment and answer questions and have a descriptive brief. Makes it so much easier!


Great points @lightless and @hollygirl! I hope we can move in those directions!


Now that I am unfortunately seeing strings of ntys in my feed…I am wondering if ignorance was bliss! lol! It is kinda depressing…but I still think important to gauge where you are.


@hollygirl - This is possible. With this new updates, you will be able to see all nty ratings.