Poll - Should we keep or remove Reason for Rating on No Thank You?


We have heard from several Creatives that the Reason for Rating feature on No Thank You ratings (e.g. Too Long, Too Hard to Spell, Too Generic, Potential Conflict) is not helpful.

This feature was created to help Creatives by eliciting more feedback from Contest Holders. However, it does require a significant investment of time from the CH. Therefore, if Creatives do not feel that it is beneficial, we can remove the feature.

Would you like us to keep or remove the Reason for Ratings Feature?

  • Keep it. It is helpful.
  • Remove it. It is not helpful.

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I feel that even though specific feedback is very useful…the generic feedback in my view,not so much.The exception maybe being too long…otherwise the other ones don’t tell you how to tweak it to make it suitable,or why it’s not a good fit,so often for me at least at times ,can almost cause more frustration.


I agree, Holly - If the CH simply doesn’t like the name, then a “No Thanks” is fine - But if we get an “On the Right Track” rating, more insight as to why they kinda like it, or suggestions as to how we can tweak it, would be very helpful.


I think Too Long and Has potencial conflict explain NTY a little, but Not a good fit for us is absolutely useless.


I would say that it rather a difficult question to answer. The no thank you can give you an idea of what the CH does or does not want. For instance there have be CH that give great feedback etc, and some that dont give alot. There have even been some with the 100.00 contests that are more interactive than a 300.00 but I understand they are busy professionals and might not have the time to be detailed with every comment. And then after the CH starts the contest they also may find themselves changing direction based on inspiration from submissions, trademark issues, or may have sparked a new sense of what they want. I think a way to provide a bit more detail with a no thank you is helpful. Again it is a wide range


I think the NTY, No Thank You, rating should simply be removed. After all, ‘if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all’ is a pretty good rule to live by. It’s right up there with ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’.


I just feel I get less personalized feedback since these messages were implemented. Like @AlwriteyThen said, feedback for on the right track entries can be very helpful, but a no is a no, I don’t need a message for each one.


At first, I wanted to wait and see. Now I am absolutely against these generic reasons, as it is only nominally helpful given that it takes valuable CH time which they could use to rate more entries (Lots of entries go unrated in many contests) or give specific thoughtful feedback on more entries.

To me an unrated entry (At the end of a contest) is worse than “NoThankYou” because it feels like being ignored and having your effort completely wasted, instead of being considered and rejected. Removing these messages will free up CH time that they could use to rate more entries.


Not is sufficient enough. I don’t need an explanation


personally I think the no thank you reasons are good the on the right track useless I like the too long to hard to spell guidance, an alternative to this grant, is to ask more brief questions, which makes the process easier I think for the ch than to do this for hundreds of entries.


Maybe you can explain how ‘on track’ is useless to you.

More often than not I see a contest where they allow misspellings and then say entries are too hard to spell. Or better, you can submit a phonetic spelling of a word and they say it is too hard to spell/pronounce when logically this cannot be since it is spelled the way it is pronounced. So, I can take issue with the too hard to spell/too hard to pronounce excuse more than I can with on the right track.

At least with On The Right Track, OTRT, I know I am in the ballpark.


Doesn’t the system display if the entry has been seen?

I look at an unrated entry in a much most positive way. At least they didn’t dislike it, they just didn’t like it enough to rate it. Or maybe they simply got too busy with life and started rating only the very best entries.


I don’t really think it is accurate and doesn’t indicate if the CH has given a set of entries any thought or consideration, unless the CH rates a few entries belonging to that batch. Given we creatives don’t really know how things look like to the CH or how entries are displayed by default or such.


I don’t mind seen and unrated entries as I have won a few contests that were not rated. The only thing that bothers me most is when your domain has been registered and you don’t have a way to know who actually registered it.


Some FB is better than none. “Too long” and “Too generic” both have helped me. And both got CH started giving a bit of elaboration. M


Everyone has such interesting insights about how they feel about these NTY and other ratings. I wanted to express how ALL of the ratings impact my own behavior toward contests. (Keep in mind, I don’t win 5-10 contests a month, that’s for sure, so I am flawed!) But I have thought a lot about how ratings impact my behavior toward contests and I think that it may be valuable to talk about this, if the goal is (and it is) to give the CH what they came for.
My reactions do not represent everyone and I don’t claim they do…

  1. If I get to a contest late and there are already 10 loves, I submit less names.
  2. If I am in the middle of entering a contest and realize the CH is online rejecting every name I just submitted with no feedback, I try to delete the ones they haven’t rejected yet, then I move on to the next contest. I use tags to remind me not to go back there.
  3. Contests with no ratings and no feedback are contests I forget completely OR I don’t enter them at all if I am there late and I see zero from the CH.
  4. Likes and OTRTs mean nothing to me if there are 20 loves but they mean a lot to me if there are no loves.
  5. CH’s who reject the majority of entries get very little attention if I arrive late to the party.
  6. CH’s who give thoughtful feedback on entries (no matter how they rated them) get a lot more of my attention. So much so that I will sometimes use all of my allotted entries and even delete some as I go along, to please them.
  7. Some of the public feedback from CH’s has been unhelpful. Sometimes, it even causes me to delete my entries because they are insulting or they revealed names.
  8. I skip contests where I arrive late and I see there are domains already registered.

On top of that, the dropdowns for reasons are not helping me whatsoever. I really was a proponent of more feedback before this system was created but none of them are helpful to me whatsoever. I feel that I am either in “the zone” with a CH or not. Even when I get “you are definitely on the right track, can you submit more…”, I look at the contest, see 50 loves against my OTRT and often move on. When I feel I am not in the zone, I move on. I am looking for contests that I feel I understand really well and can get into the zone. That said, I have won several contests with no ratings whatsoever but I have also lost contests where I was the only love. I am just talking here about how ratings and the dropdowns impact my behavior. I think the goal is for the system to work so that creatives go back and are enthusiastic about subbing more names… so that is why I am saying all this.
Thanks for reading…sorry it’s so long.


[quote=“Commulinks, post:16, topic:2786”]
CH’s who give thoughtful feedback on entries (no matter how they rated them) get a lot more of my attention. So much so, that I will sometimes use all of my allotted entries, and even delete some as I go along, to please them.[/quote]
Yeah, that ^ :+1:


@Commulinks and Alwritey, I also respond to FB. And until this morning my feelings about being totally ignored were similar to those expressed, especially this:

“3. Contests with no ratings and no feedback are contests I forget completely OR I don’t enter them at all if I am there late and I see zero from the CH.” – Commulinks

Early this morning still in bed I was recalling a contest I’d worked hard on, researching the industry and giving CH related info, also on my entries. And CH completely ignored my msgs and entries, while rating other names including 9 shortlisted “Loves.” And as I was pondering deleting my records of this contest and chalking it up to a distasteful experience, up popped an email that I’d won it. Just now I checked and CH still hasn’t replied to a single msg or rated any of my entries including the winner. :confused:

So now my feelings toward such contests have changed, and I am learning to live with the bewilderment.



I feel reason for rating is of no help. When shortlisted entries are going back to ‘No Thank You’… then what to expect from reasons for rating. As, I have mentioned earlier, two things are very much required to know where we are heading, 1. Without rating, CH should not be allowed to move to the next entry ( as we all have a limited entry permission, and not that we can keep entering junks ) and 2. at least shortlisted entries should get locked, I feel CH should take a conscious decision before shortlisting an entry and they should select the winner from that shortlisted entry list. Shortlisting gives us an indication that we are absolutely on the right path, once shortlisting gets locked we are going to be on a more safer path, I feel quality of entries will get improved. Now, we know that this shortlisting is not a moody selection sort of which can turn to, ’ No thank you’ at any moment. Hope this helps all of us. :slight_smile:


I don’t think a CH ever should be locked into choosing only from shortlisted entries.Its their dime and as frustrating as it can be ,they can change their mind and choose what they want.It sometimes makes no sense when love it shortlistings suddenly become ntys…but sometimes there are factors we dont know about in play.Almost half of my shortlistings lately have become unshortlisted and/or downgraded. I know it is frustrating and perplexing…but I don’t think SH is ever going to tell the CH how to rate.Maybe make suggestions,but ultimately its up to them.