Policy on names!

About a month ago I decided to buy my first domain, on a name I have gotten good ratings on but has never won. I would like to know SH’s policy on entering those names into contests where they are only asking for a name not a url ? Do I have to disclose to the CH that I own that name? Does that breach any sort of ethics?
Additionally, Now what? besides possibly marketing here not sure what to do with it Park it? Auction? Anyone have experience in this area I could use some tips.


Have you checked its appraisal value? and moreover, there is no harm in putting it on auction (my view)…

Auction costs money to list! Appraised how where? does it cost $?

I think this is not the right space to talk on this matter, will send you PM.

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@seezall, Submitting a name (with a prior ownership of a domain) in non-url contests might contradict the worldwide copyright laws/ip rights to a name that are automatically transferred once the name is selected and bought as a winning name by the CH.

Is that fact or something you sumise

It’s clearly stated in the IP Transfer Agreement:

''3. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights

Upon receipt of payment for the Entry in the form of Squadhelp Credits (pursuant to the terms of the Services Agreement), the Creative hereby assigns to the Customer, all Intellectual Property Rights which the Creative has or may in the future have in the Entry.

The Creative warrants that prior to supplying the Entry to the Customer, the Creative has disclosed to the Customer any Intellectual Property Rights in the Entry which may be held by a third party.’’


You can submit to the company name contests as long as you follow below rules:

  1. You should disclose to the CH that you own the matching domain name
  2. You should be willing to transfer the domain name to the CH at no cost, in case CH picks your name as the winner.

Thank you Dan for clearing that up)

But the CH aren’t asking for a domain/url?! It actually feels wrong to tell CHs about something they did not ask for, will most likely be interpreted as peddling/side business, unsolicited advertising, spam.

@Front, yes you are right but in some cases, CHs ask only a perfect name and also mentions in their brief that for the perfect url they will add prefix or suffix, in those cases with disclaimer self registered names can be offered.

By submitting a name, be it for Company Name only contest(without url), a Domain Name contest,or both Company/Domain a creative agrees to forfeit all Intellectual property rights to a name on a worldwide basis and for all perpetuity (standard condition), to be made effective in connection with consummation of a transaction. This is the reason a name once submitted and selected as a winner in a Company Name (no url needed) contest, for example, can’t be generally re-submitted to Domain Name Only Contest even if the domain name at the time of re-submission remains unregistered by the original CH. This protection exists to ensure, among other things, a trade-mark protection clause.

I wonder if this has happened in SH before? I mean successfully.

This is why I asked the question first! because logic would say it shouldn’t matter, they are only want a name, and don’t care what website might be associated, like in brand furnishing contest I subbed Ultra ultra.com is not available but its ok because they just want a name.
But sure glad I asked) because obviously there are some legalities behind it and almost an underhanded way to sell a domain so I get that aspect and am more than ok to market elsewhere)

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The (proposed) new marketplace could be an answer to those questions. Buying the domain inside squadhelp, letting you submit it on contests, and also still keep it as yours.

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