Policies and guidelines test for EVERYONE


OK, it’s time someone brought this up - clearly some people that register on SH don’t even bother learning the rules, let alone following them. Block us all from contests, both newbies and veterans, until we pass two tests - one that is contest related and another one forum related. Things are really getting out of hand on creatives side rapidly.
@grant I am sorry for tagging you, I never do that, but I would really like SH to consider this in near future so we can get back on track and stay the best crowdsourcing service on the web.


How about mandatory review by moderators before a topic is posted or started ?


I gave my opinion, others are free to share theirs. Test + WAY stricter penalties for those that break the rules. And forum and contests should stay 100% separated regarding penalties.


That’s too strict and is too heavy of an ask on both SH to have to find people to constantly do this and Creatives to have to wait for every single post to be reviewed. We’re all adults. That would be for if we were pre-teens and in need of adult supervision. No, we’re all adults and should be held to that standard. Read and adhere to the rules like everyone else does.

Moving on, and to everyone:

A lot of us don’t like that there is nowhere that we can talk about certain issues, problems, be able to get adviece, be able to raise spirits and so on and so forth. Or CHs to have the same type of thing as well and we both be independent and the forums to be completely private. But as has been discussed, it’s complicated to have a Creative only and CH only section because there are people that have worn both hats. And because things are viewable and sourced to google search as well, we all ave to remain professional. There are things that can and cannot be discussed. But you also can’t take things to PMs either. Simply put, if you think it can cause a stir and you’re pointing fingers or it can be construed as such or you’re not playing well with others, and other common sense type of things, then you probably should not post it.

We shouldn’t have to remind of this as these are CORE rules and policy, But this is something that has come up SEVERAL times in the past couple months. With the influx of all these new people, rules and guidelines are getting surpassed because it’s seen as a quick way to make money. But, that doesn’t change that everyone is tried to be held to the same rules as everyone else. It’s hard, though, we all have to remember that – good or bad – we creatives probably massively outnumber the staff of SH so asking of things to be personally moderated, things to be done specifically for every single thing … it’s not doable. At that point, especially about this, it should come down to common sense and personal responsibility.

Learn the rules, stick to the rules, remember the rules, remind of the rules, advise of the rules, and maintain the rules. I agree that we could and probably should be tested on such or have to maybe acknowledge in some way … AGAIN … that we all know them and will adhere to them to the best of our abilities.


its too strict, too military. I dont think its really fair really. People are investing their money also in this site now, buying coins, registered domains, paying a lot of renewal fees, building their portfolios, giving thoughtful ideas etc etc, block from all contests too strict really.

Example : If any creatives send inappropriate messages to public messages on contests, or inappropriate messages to ch then block them from sending messages. not block from all contests participation.


SH already does that. It’s not really working.