Points deducted for rating downgrade in contests?

I was poking around on my Points Activity page and noticed some point deductions for rating downgrades in contests.

Last I knew we would not be deducted points for ratings downgrades. However I cannot find anything searching “help” stating so. I found a post from Dan here in the forums but that was back in aug 2016:
" 1. No deduction in points on a rating downgrade: If you receive a high rating, which is later downgraded to a lower rating, you will no longer lose points. We will remember the “highest rating” ever received on your entry for the purpose of point award."

Anyone know what the current policy is or where I can find it? Thanks!


This is a deceiving thing. Points are not deducted for downgrades. What happens is if your name is upgraded, say from like to love, the old points are deducted and the new (higher) points are added. Sometimes it looks like downgraded points but SH re-compensates your points at the higher rating. If you cannot find that to be true, you need to BlueButton.


Aah, thanks Commulinks!