Points and Paypal

First things first: I know a lot of you use Paypal. I only use Paypal as a means of obtaining contest winnings, and not to pay anything out, so I was fairly surprised to see that an Uber transaction had been charged to my Paypal account. If any of you get an e-mail like that, report it immediately to Paypal, but not through its own link. Contact Paypal separately.

On another note, is anyone else finding that “Best Entries” are marking themselves? It doesn’t happen every time, but several times, I didn’t intentionally star entries. They seemed to nominate themselves for “Best Entry,” starred themselves, and deducted the points. Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes, it has happened to me a couple of times. : (

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It happened again this morning. I’m just wondering about “Best Entry:” is this something valuable to other contestants? I never intentionally use it. I don’t even know if CHs notice or care about it. Maybe if it was moved to a different place on the screen? Thoughts?

I’m pretty sure the CH sees something that distinguishes best entries from the others.
I personally don’t mark best entries.

Thanks for the Paypal Account heads up, Shommy! :thumbsup:


This just happened to my daughter! An uber charge from ‘Vegas’ (of all places! we live in WV)

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@auntshommy @lushell

We are working on some updates to the Entry Submission form right now. We believe that it is currently very easy to inadvertently click Best Entry. The new form should be ready shortly.

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The reason you might be seeing entries marked ‘best entry’ by accident is because when you submit multiple entries in one go, if you tick ‘best entry’ in an entry that isn’t the one at the top, only the entry at the top gets marked ‘best entry’. It’s like the checkboxes are linked, and it only works for entry #1 in a multiple entry form, no matter which entry you check. It’s a glitch and I’m sorry I hadn’t reported it! @Grant, have you noticed this?

Thanks, Grant! Laura, as far as I can tell, the charges never actually made it to Paypal, but I think if you login to the fake Paypal e-mail, the scammers might start retrieving your information. Put your bank on notice, too, if it happens again.

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