Points and Number of Entries

Is there anywhere in the website that I can find the information on what to do to earn more entries number, and whats the points are for?

Thank you.

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Hi, @Scop- On your 'my account" pg, (or when you have a contest up to work on) open “help” at the top right area, scroll down to 9-
Read 9.1, 9.3, & 9.4- it will explain all. (9.2 has items I am not sure if it is all the same or not now, so I can’t speak to that).
If you see your ratings go down with no explanation- “Don’t Panic” sometimes CHs give out ratings after the submission time is expired & they may subtract- (I’m going to bring that up). The new “red bell icon” in the upper right will let you know which contest it is- even old ones! Good Luck & Name On!!


Thanks Whirlwind for taking time to answer my question.


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Thanks @whirlwind for sharing the details! We are also working on making some additional changes to the point system that would further clarify the benefits for those who are earning points.

Our goal for point system is to offer special benefits to those contestants who continue to make high quality submissions to our platform. Currently these incentives include an ability to submit additional entries to contests, but in the near future we plan to announce additional benefits as well.