Points and Best Entries

When the -get your best entry in- is announced I always go and put in 2 on each of them. Which of course is 50 points each. Many times the win will go to a 4-5 star entry.
Should I just save my points and not enter or do you actually look at all of them if the CH has not chosen a name? Because I know many times they leave and never see the rest of the names put in buy us. However, if you are just going to pick between those I am running low on points .
Thoughts? Advice? Ty

I frankly haven’t seen any point to the best entry feature and it is not just because I haven’t won through a Best Entry :smile:


I pick and choose based on various factors @LorinRyle , what already starred entries am I up against did the CH rate all the way through the contest even just a few a day , Do I have a Solid enough Name to use up 50 points… So for me its waying the odds that one if I star a name is it good enough to beat an already high rated entry, Two How involved was the CH, Three WHO is trending, Four a def I enter is when none were rated. That’s about how I go about it)


That’s how it is in life - an edge of advantage gained and bought by the privilege of having the thickest purse :wink:

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