Point Deductions Still in Effect?

I was, as were a few other creatives, under the impression that point deductions with ratings would no longer be in effect and we would retain the highest rating points that we had received per that entry (i.e. if a love it is down rated later to an on the right track, there would be no loss in points). However, given that this has been brought up a couple times recently and has, that I know of, gone unaddressed – I am asking again. I am also asking because looking at my points feed it clearly shows -3, -whatever, with each submission that has been downgraded since it’s original rating. If we’re no longer supposed to be penalized for the CH having a change of heart/mind if they once actually favored a name, why is this still happening or showing up this way?

@RachelSH, @Dan, anyone that can answer this?

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I am wondering the same thing,seeing a whole lot of minus’ in my activity’s /points feed.I didn’t get a clear response whether it was actually lowering overall points as it changes so fast I can’t make heads or tails out of total points status?

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What I was told when I inquired about the same thing…was they deduct the first points you were given,and add the higher points if you score higher.
Like for example…if you got points for a like it,that was later changed to a love it…you will have the points deducted for the like it…and be given the points for a love it,so that way you don’t accumulate massive points on the same entry.

So let’s say if a like it is 20 points, and a love it is 30 …then when your entry was upgraded to a love it…they would deduct the first points for the like it(-20) but give you +30 for the love it.

Does this make sense?

However…supposedly if there is a downgrade you are not supposed to lose points…so if that is happening…then I am not sure. I think the idea is if you get a higher mark…then you have your first score removed and higher points added.

But I don’t think you are supposed to just have points taken away, without more being added.So in short…having an entry downgraded should not hurt you.

I hope what I am trying to explain isn’t too convoluted! :0)

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@hollygirl that makes sense, I suppose, but we are seemingly losing points for downgrades. I see it in my points feed and I am sure you could as well if you looked at it. And it’s not you that’s being convoluted. The system of ratings, stats, and points is quite hard to accurately understand, that’s why I figured I would ask because last I heard was we were not supposed to be penalized points wise. I don’t think we should be penalized at all for a change of heart/mind, because a submission doesn’t just become bad. But that’s another topic and one I will stray from here. I just want to know why we were told we’re not having points deducted any longer for downgraded submissions and yet many of us see just that happening.

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I’m glad you brought this up so we can talk more about the way ratings and points are counted. We do not deduct points for rating downgrades. What you might be seeing is the point deduction for the original rating, in case your entry is upgraded to a higher rating.

For example, if you previously received a On Right Track rating and then the CH decided to upgrade it to Like It rating, we deduct the points for “On Right Track” rating, and add the points for “Like it” rating.

In case you are seeing any other issue, the best way to get help is to contact our support team! We are always available and willing to look into any questions you may have. :blush:


@RachelSH this isn’t the case at all, I am speaking in reference to several entries where I had likes and was downgraded and it shows a deduction in points. But, well noted, I will screen shot and get in touch with support then. I just figured to mention it here as I am not the only one that has noticed this or that this has happened to.

We just spent some time looking into your activity all the way into August and have not found any instances of this issue. The only fluctuation of points we noticed is an increase in points due because of the higher ratings you received! :thumbsup: If you do find any instances of this happening please feel free to document that and message me individually. :blush:


@RachelSH Welll I appreciate that, then. Perhaps there could be a better system? I say this considering I am seeing many -3s and other such things and that becomes quite confusing to us, and we’re the ones that need to keep track of things and this makes that a bit hard to do. Anything that isn’t necessarily thoroughly explained on either side of the fence and isn’t easy to figure out on our own leaves a lot of room for us to speculate, assume, and get even more confused.

Thanks for the feedback, we are very committed to improving our platform. Keep an eye out, our team is currently working on updating all of our FAQs which will address and thoroughly explain the system so both creatives and CHs can better understand the way it works. :grinning: In the mean time if you have any questions about specific situations please feel free to privately message me and we can discuss those together.