PM from CH's - no idea which entry it's for

During a recent contest, I received 3 Private Messages from a CH regarding 3 different entries. In each case the CH did not reference the name/entry submitted so I had no idea WHICH entries the CH was talking about.
I responded to CH via PM stating that, they could reference the name in the Pm or add comments to the actual entry itself. I never received a response but since the feedback wasn’t asking me to tweak anything, just positive compliments, I let it go. I ended up winning the contest :smile:

So now, I ask, is there a way to have the system auto-add the name/entry the CH is referencing on a PM?



We will look into this. A contest holder has the ability to send a PM via few different sections on the site. Some of these sections are not specific to an entry, so in those cases it may not be possible to include the information about the entry. However, we understand your feedback, and we will look for ways to include more relevant information in the messages sent by CH.