Please stay safe!

What is going on out there? The world and weather is doing some rash and hurtful things. I just wanted to leave a message that no matter what is going on out there, that I hope everyone stay safe. With the wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and all the other things that may be going on, it can be a lot to process and handle. We’re also always so focused here with SH and updates and contests and wants and needs that we may not notice when one or more of us may be impacted by these things.

Just remember that we all are here for many reasons but we all do hold common shared things between us and while we all may disagree from time to time that these shared things bind us together. I love the SH has brought us all together and I do want to say that I have come to care about so many people here. I, in fact, like to see many here as extended family (which is important to someone that really has no existing family – so friends often become make-shift family members). That’s why I want to say that I hope with everything going on around the world that everyone stays safe, stays prepared as much as possible, and just remembers that even in the darkest of times – whether you realize it or not, there are always people that care about you and want to see you safe and happy.

:purple_heart::yellow_heart::heart:Please stay safe out there! :heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


Thank you so much…I love when people care deeply for others that they’ve never met in person. .You stay safe as well my virtual friend :heart:


@rareworthy Thank you for the positivity! Even though we have not met one another in person, I feel as though Squadhelp is a little family of mine :wink: Thank you for the well wishes and I too send out positive blessings to all those affected by our beast Mother Nature. We are battening down the hatches here in Florida, packing up important belongings and moving our way north. My first hurricane I ever encountered was last year, Hurricane Hermine, and she left a very sour taste after 7 days no power. Irma is a beast, and has made her damage noticeable, and is not slowing. Thank you all for the kind words, well wishes, positive notes and simple encouraging words, they are heard and they do go far! XOXOXO


Good luck Alphaomega808, praying it misses you!


Safe travels, Alpha! I lived in Pinellas County, FL during hurricane Elena. It was not fun and that one was much less dangerous. I’m glad you are heading out.


Thank you! Thank you! Prayers and well wishes are all welcome!


@Commulinks Im still fairly new to Florida, but been around enough to know you don’t mess with the Hurricanes! This one is s a beast. My heart goes out to all those affected and displaced from Houston and unfortunately we have learned a large lesson, and I believe most Floridians will evacuate ( if they haven’t already). The Mexican earthquake and all the islands that have been brutally impacted by Irma are in my thoughts and prayers as well. Stay Safe everyone! Thank you for all the love!


Got emotional reading that. I feel like this platform is keeping me going at the moment. Sorry to get a little personal. The last 4 years have been nothing shy of brutal. Now we are all packing up to go inland from SW Florida. There’s no pause button on life, is there?

I’m so grateful this “place” exists.

Hope everyone’s safe. :seedling:


Stay safe ScoutFinch!


St. Augustine here !!! We are just starting to get the bad weather and I am sure it is going to get worse


Please, all of you, stay as safe as you can and know that our thoughts are with you!


Feeling VERY blessed to have a home to come home to as I live in Bradenton, FL (Manatee County). It has been a rough week. Prayers to all those who are less fortunate and to my fellow “Floridian Squad”. @Vivegoodkarma @ScoutFinch


So glad to hear the good news!
Continued prayers for you guys and others who are affected by the storms❤


We made it through-- lots of debris, a tree and overhang came down. VERY fortunate. Hope everyone else is hanging in okay. Thinking about the Flo peeps. <33


Hope all is well ScoutFinch and everyone affected by the HurricaneMadness! I have been away from SH for a lil and I am blessed to say we were some of the luckier ones in Florida after Hurricane Irma and Marie! You all aren’t forgotten, I truly hope all is well! XO