Please SH do something for the Contest Holder Who do not provide Feedback

Its very frustrating Some Contest holder does not provide any feedbak not even rating. Hours of work wasted.
please make some rule for the Contest Holder or At least tell them to provide some written feedback.
One more thing please make some rule for the Contest holder that If he/she like the design Do not send it to another designer to improve it just tell the designer who actually make that design (Some of my desgin elements are used thats why I know something going wrong). It takes hours of working to make some new concept so it is not for circulating.
Squad Help is Responsible for protecting designer’s Intellectual property. Please Be seroius about it. It is our living not just free work that have no value. Some times we can use this design for other contest if it fits.

Thank you very much …


It is our policy that a CH cannot share your design with another creative. Report such issues using the chat function (blue button in the bottom right of the website) right away.

Your request regarding CH feedback is noted. We’ll see what we can do.

Thank you.

Say it ain’t so - Yikes! :grimacing:

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Hey Grant, I have to agree with this statement too - Lately, I’ve noticed that the CH’s don’t respond to questions posted in the Comments area.

It makes me wonder if they are aware of that opportunity to answer questions and provide feedback, in order to get better names from us? :confused:


Thank you for your support. Its really very Serious Issue.

Yes next time I’ll Do it.

@AlwriteyThen - We are working on an update that will help to increase CH rating and feedback. It may take a bit of time to complete, so please be patient.

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