Please indicate in My Entries which names have received a Bonus


I would please like to see indication in My Entries of which of my names have received a Bonus since I am no longer allowed to enter those names in new contests. I can’t always remember which they were after time has passed. Thanks.


Thank you for this idea. We will add it to our list for inclusion in a future platform update.


I just discovered if my name was part of a split award I can no longer use it. The splits are done when no name is selected, so I don’t understand how this can be right.


@NameBlaze I’ve never heard of that rule. I know if you are awarded a bonus you can’t submit the name anymore because they basically bought your name, but with splits that shouldn’t apply, sometimes splits are only a couple dollars, that certainly isn’t equivalent to a name purchase. Unless the award was split between Creatives by the CH, maybe?


I don’t know how that can be right either. We need to clarify with SH.Because sometimes, especially if there were no ratings…a bot randomly chooses from the unrated entries. You might have entered 5 names in the contest. How would you know which one was selected? Plus as Daisy said…you could get a dollar in a split. That does not buy a name. Plus if I am recalling right…if for example, it was a $100 contest split between 4 people and you got $25…and the CH later registers your name after the fact and the contest has been split…I believe the CH has to pay you the difference between what your pay out was, and $100. I am not positive on that last one…but seems like I read that sometime.


I am almost certain that can’t be right.


I don’t think it can be right, either. I’ve asked squadhelp to look into it. It was a split between only 2 creatives and I got $90, but still…


You ARE allowed to use entries that were in a split. Splits are not counted as a CH choosing your name. They are a default to close out a contest and you may use the names again.


Sounds like the CH might have asked SHAdmin to split the win between two creatives. Ive had this happen many times, usually when they arent sure which name they will use and on other occassions, just to reward the creatives that they felt put their all into their contest.
Usually when this happens…it doesnt show as a split and I received an email stating the contest holder requested the funds be split between whom they chose. Just had this happen last week


An entry should not be blocked from future contest submissions when it is part of a cha-ching award split. If you have experienced this, please report the issue, and we will look into your specific situation.


Thanks, Grant - it apparently was not part of a cha-ching. However, I was told it was a split award, despite my win number going up (which doesn’t happen on splits). I did reach out and the final decision I received today is that at this time, the system will not allow me to enter this name into future contests. It’s very disappointing - and I think other creatives should be concerned.


Grant - I was told today that yes, this was part of an award split, but that, since the system sees it as a win, there is no way to use my submission again! I’m really concerned about this - as all creatives should be, if we are in danger of losing access to our own submissions even if they were not chosen!


Currently, there are two types of split awards: The majority of split awards are related to the Cha-Ching process. However, there are some instances where a CH will specifically ask to split the award amount between multiple Creatives.

The Cha-Ching is based on contest ratings; and therefore, it does not align with a specific entry. On the other hand, when a CH requests to split an award, this award split does align with specific contest entries.

For cases when a CH specifically asks that an award be distributed between multiple Creatives, the amount that each Creative receives is typically greater than $100, and the split can result in a name being blocked from entry into future contests.

We may revisit this in future platform updates, but at this time, this is the only way we can handle these situations.


Thanks for the explanation, Grant.



I have the same issue, so you’re not alone on this, and actually it may be the same contest. I’ve spent so long and so many times talking to SH about this and finally after so long – got the same answer you did. It’s a bit upsetting considering it was decided that no one actually won (in my case, at least) and the CH was just choosing the two people that they felt hit the mark the closest. My entry was a good entry and one that I have time and time again came up with a use for where it could have been heavily appreciated, but there’s nothing that I can do. That specific entry is now locked, but as Greg explained it, I guess that’s what the system does. It’s unfortunate, but maybe at some point we’ll be able to use those specific entries. But, just know you’re not alone.


Thanks, Rareworthy - I bet this was the same contest. Strangely, the locked name is not even one that was liked in the contest! If we were chosen because we both hit the mark most closely, how do they determine which name to lock? Oh well, glad I’m not alone in this!