Please ensure that the logo design gig will be assigned always to my favorite logo designer

Here is the issue, I finally found my favorite logo designer on Squadhelp, I favorited that logo designer. So far, so good.

Now here is the issue: let’s say there is a domain name with an existing logo. For example I bought that domain from the wholesale marketplace. Or I simply don’t like the logo anymore. I ask for a logo redesign to use my complimentary logo redesign credits.

But in this case always that logo designer will get this logo design gig who designed the original logo. But I asked for a new logo because I don’t like the existing logo… However the very same logo designer will design the new logo who designed that logo I don’t like.

I also tried this: I blocked the original logo designer before asking for the logo redesign. But even if I block the original logo designer, that original logo designer will get the logo redesign gig. It doesn’t matter that I have already selected my favorite logo designer. My favorite logo designer won’t get this logo redesign gig because another logo designer created the logo.

I think always my favorite logo designer should get the logo design gig, whether it’s a new logo or a redesign of an existing logo.

I had to ask for 3 logo redesigns for the same domain because the original designer simply didn’t get the instructions. The same logo designer got all these 3 logo redesign gigs…

But my favorite designer could have created a nice logo at first try.

And it would be good if I could block multiple designers, not just one designer at a time. And please make sure that the block is actually working. Even though I block a designer, that designer will get the logo redesign gig if he/she created the original logo.

In short, please make sure that always, in every case only my favorite logo designer will receive all my logo design gigs.


I get it, but do you know how difficult it is to come up with a good design and in this case, it’s not like the designer is making a huge bonus from this gig as you think… unless you’re willing to pay an incentive…

Also note that, the inception of logo designs for that particular domain remains the right of the original designer… Putting yourself in the person’s shoe, would you really like it when another person took over your work and took all the credits?

The bottom line is that just because you now have your fave designer you can not take the gig from the original designer… except it’s for a new domain. It doesn’t seem right. Just make sure you guys work things out together. Also, have it in mind that designs are subjective. Peace…

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But you can pay for the new logo design or use your complimentary logo redesign credits. So I don’t see what’s wrong here, I simply don’t like the existing logo and I use my credits to request a new logo.

I found my favorite designer and I send them detailed instructions prior to the logo design gig. So the end result will be very good.

But when there is an existing logo then not my favorite designer will get the gig and the end result won’t be that good.

I think once a logo design has been completed, the logo designer will earn money. So a logo redesign doesn’t affect his/her earnings. But I could be wrong.


I wrote about one problem that needs to be solved, I think it is very serious and important, now I will try to describe it in detail.
Let’s imagine the situation:
The designer assigned a domain and needs to create a logo for it, the seller wrote his wishes and idea, and the designer realized this idea, and uploaded the logo, the seller rated the logo as “Love It”.

Then, conditionally, after a month, the seller puts this domain up for sale on the wholesale market, and a new seller (the second) buys this domain. If he likes logos or doesn’t care about logo design at all, he can skip it. If the seller does not like the logo, he can now change the rating, for example, to “Don’t Like It” + request a logo redesign.

The designer, in turn, has the following available options:

1. If the seller rated the logo as “Ok”, or “Don’t Like It” and does not require a redesign and does not add new wishes, the designer can leave it unchanged, but it will affect the designer’s rating.
2. If the seller rated the logo as “Ok”, or “Don’t Like It” and does not require a redesign, the designer can update the logo at his own will and expect the rating to be improved. For very old domains, the chat is closed and the designer cannot write to the seller.
3. The seller submitted a request for a logo redesign, and now the designer is forced to create a new logo.

And let’s hypothetically imagine that this domain passes from one seller to another several times over the course of several months 3-5-7 times (buying a domain on the wholesale market) and each of them will demand changes because he does not like the previous idea of ​​the logo, the designer now has to create 3-5-7 new logos for free and spend a lot of time, just because the new seller doesn’t like this logo, and new seller have other tastes and wishes? I consider this unacceptable.

From all this, I have a question:
Why, if a designer spent time and implemented an idea for the first seller and after some time this seller sold the domain in the wholesale market to a new (second) seller, this new seller has the right to request a redesign or change the evaluation of the logo? I think it’s don’t fair because the designer implemented the idea and wishes for the first seller and the designer doesn’t get paid for the logo if he redesigns a logo for a domain that was bought wholesale market a new seller.

As I see the solution to this issue:
1. If the first seller put the domain up for sale on the wholesale market and the domain was bought by a new seller (second) - automatically delete the previously created logo for this domain and add it to the list of pending logos, then the new designer will be able to create a new logo, implement a new idea for the new seller and get paid for the new logo accordingly.
2. If the first seller put the domain up for sale on the wholesale market and the domain was bought by a new (second) seller - prohibit evaluating this logo, and if the new (second) seller requires a redesign for this logo, then, in this case, make a payment for this logo ( I mean only if the domain was bought on the wholesale market)

New seller > New logo idea > New logo created > New rating > New payment for new logo for designer.

I hope that I shared my thoughts in detail) Thank you, I hope it was useful.


Yeah sorry, I just did that :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

But I have free logo redesign credits. I can use them towards domains bought on the wholesale marketplace. The previous logo wasn’t made according to my instructions obviously, so if I don’t like the existing logo, I can request a new one using my credits.

But I agree that in case of a redesign request, you should get paid for the new logo. I thought that a free logo redesign credit means that Squadhelp will pay the logo redesign fee on my behalf. I don’t pay for the logo redesign since I used a free logo redesign credit.

I agree. I tried to avoid certain designers but to no avail. Wasted credits just to get another bad design from the same designer. IMHO, we should be able to block more than 1 designer and we should not get any additional designs from them. A waste of everyone’s time.


It would be good if I could select my top 3 logo designers, not just a single designer, like this:
#1 logo designer
#2 logo designer
#3 logo designer

My #1 logo designer would get all my logo design gigs in the first 48 hours. If my #1 logo designer is not available during the first 48 hours, then my #2 logo designer would receive the logo design gig for 48 hours. If even my #2 logo designer is unavailable for 48 hours, then my #3 designer would get the gig.

And allow us to block multiple designers, not just one.

It would be good if we could browse all the portfolios of all logo designers and select the designers we like the most, based on their portfolios. But it is not possible to browse all portfolios, so it is a slow process finding our favorite designer(s).

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