Please advertise the domains on and enable Afternic Fast Transfer for all SH registered domains

Dear Squadhelp Team, @grant ,

  1. Please add support, could work like the Sedo support: advertise all domains (including seller owned and SH registered) on automatically, if possible. I guess it is technically possible.

  2. I have 22 SH registered domains, and I have just entered them one by one into the GoDaddy search box, and here is what I have found: Out of 22 SH registered domains, 16 domains either aren’t on Afternic at all, or they are on Afternic but the Afternic Fast Transfer is not enabled. Please make sure that you advertise all SH registered domains using Afternic Fast Transfer. I know that Afternic Fast Transfer cannot be activated during the 60-day lock, however some domains aren’t active on Afternic at all. This is not good because looks like SH registered domains don’t get full marketing exposure. Please make sure to activate Afternic Fast Transfer as soon as possible. It is also your best interest to sell the domains as fast as possible.


And another problem is that some Squadhelp domains are listed on Obviously their previous owners forgot to remove them from Dan.

This is a problem because it hurts sales. Some buyers might try to buy a Squadhelp domain on, but it will be unsuccessful. In this case the buyer will think that the domain is not even for sale anymore and might give up on that domain.

So if Squadhelp listed the domains on then it would solve this problem with abandoned Dan listings.


And you could list the domains automatically on, too. They are not part of the Afternic and Sedo networks. They charge 7% commission only.